2020 Eleveight Curl Pro

2020 Eleveight Curl Pro
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  • EL20CURLpro
PERFORMANCE FEATURES Performance shortboard for quick turns CFT construction that... mehr
Produktinformationen "2020 Eleveight Curl Pro"
  • Performance shortboard for quick turns
  • CFT construction that generates a pure surf feel
  • Carbon stringer for responsive flex and durability
  • Single concave bottom to generate speed and dynamic drive
  • Innegra/carbon vector grid reinforcements for enhanced durability
  • Thruster fin set-up with Futures system
  • High-performance board shaped by hand (no inserts for straps)
  • Ideal for riding medium to big sized waves
Curl 5´7 x 17 5/8 x 2 = 23 Ltr , Curl 5´10 x 19 x 2 ¼ = 26.5Ltr


If you are serious about riding waves, the Curl Pro is your board. This high-performance surf stick is the ultimate weapon to dominate any break. It is made for fierce hacks, radical cutbacks, and those ultra smooth carves.
The Curl Pro is based on the shape of proven pro surfboards, which we optimized and adapted for kite-powered riding. We redefined the outline and materials for amazing upwind capabilities and for the board to withstand the much higher strain of kitesurfing. Our innovative Carbon Flex Technology (CFT) with an integrated Innegra/carbon vector grid and carbon stringer delivers the distinctive flex and surf feel of a regular surfboard while making it much more durable.

A single bottom concave and squash tail add to the board’s dynamic maneuverability and top end speed. It is perfect for snappy cutbacks and smooth carves. The board’s design is very intuitive, making it easy to translate your visions of the ride into actual performance. Extreme maneuvers come naturally. A Thruster setup with Futures fin boxes ensures perfect grip in all situations.
The board is hand shaped in Portugal. It is a great ride on those smaller days. However, it is absolutely incredible when surfed in punchy mid to large sized waves. This surfboard is addressed to ambitious strapless riders with the need for unlimited performance in all conditions. It takes you as far as you are willing to push. Ride the Curl Pro and the lineup is yours.

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