2018 Airush Switch Sonic

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The Switch Sonic Progression gives the best combination of freeride fun in light wind... mehr
Produktinformationen "2018 Airush Switch Sonic"

The Switch Sonic Progression gives the best combination of freeride fun in light wind conditions while maintaining the smooth and playful characteristics of a normal twintip. The Progression composite construction instills confidence for entry-level users, and offers a robust construction, perfect for those starting and a school environment.

The Airush Multi-zone Biotech construction, a vertical Paulownia wood core sandwich, creates a consistent density from the natural material allowing for a predictable and responsive ride.

The Progression range twintips feature an ABS rail to make sure that your board can handle impact through various stages of progression.

The Switch Sonic is the benchmark for light-wind twin-tip riding with a wider outline and extremely flat rocker for early planing. The standard construction featured on the Switch Sonic is perfect for everyday light-wind users looking for a board that can get them riding while others are standing on the beach.

Featuring the Multi-zone Biotech Core, the Switch Sonic brings all the durable and responsive characteristics from standard twintips into the lightwind board to allow and create a fun lightwind freeride board.

The Switch Sonic Team gives the best combination of fun light- wind performance with a focus towards twin-tip racing. The team carbon construction featured on the Switch Sonic Team reduces weight throughout the entire board making this design perfect to pit against the competition in this newly established discipline of twin-tip racing.

The Switch Sonic Team features our full carbon torsion control lay-up construction. The full carbon torsion control construction brings all the best elements of a high performance carbon fiber competition board into our all-round freeride lightwind machine. The carbon fiber construction creates a faster, lighter more responsive ride, making the Switch Sonic Team your ultra- premium light-wind choice.

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