2018 Cabrinha XO Siren

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Cabrinha XO Siren 2018 Hardfacts - Damen Freestyle / Freeride  - New... mehr
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Cabrinha XO Siren 2018


- Damen Freestyle / Freeride 
- New bottom and deck shaping 
- Added rail channels for better grip 
- Balanced flex patterns tuned for a smooth ride 
- Dynamic pop and low spin weight 
- Early planing lift and reliable edge hold 
- Smooth predictable landings


You have to admit that the new Cabrinha XO 2018 is by far the best looking ladies kiteboard on the market. 
Made in collaboration with Hawaiian designers Cabrinha created an amazing piece of art. 
It's a completely new design made for female riders waiting to up their freestyle game using a board made specifically for their physique. 
A unique mix of flex pattern, rocker line and channels makes the new XO perfect for all riding conditions and styles. 
You can combine this with the Cabrinha Switchblade XO to complete the look!

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