2019 Liquid Force Moon Patrol

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Moon Patrol   Reminiscent of your favorite fish shape surfboard or your back country... mehr
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Moon Patrol


Reminiscent of your favorite fish shape surfboard or your back country powder stick, the Moon Patrol offers a smooth elongated outline that allows for free flowing turns and high speed cruising. A single tip to tail concave wood core directs water though the fins making for remarkably smooth ride and easy upwind progression.  With the option of setting the stance back from center the Moon Patrol will turn big bone jarring chop into launch pads to orbit over the liquid surface. The Moon Patrol comes with optional 5cm fins for the tail configuration for more drive and projection.

146 X 42.1 RIDER WEIGHT >55KG


Computer profiled 100% wood core


M6 inline inserts for ultimate strength and multiple stance options


Single concave to channeled hull design for precise control and upwind projection


Slight set back stance option and asymmetrical rocker for directional feel

Liquid Rail

Liquid Force’s exclusive Liquid Rail, the most durable sidewall construction available

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