2018 RRD Placebo V6

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Freeride The Placebo is our reference line of kiteboards developed specifically for... mehr
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The Placebo is our reference line of kiteboards developed specifically for freeriding. Since its first introduction in 2009, the Placebo represents accessibility due to its generous width, length and the correct flex and feet response dynamics. The Placebo V6′ forgiving profile design creates the perfect mix of comfort, fun, and support on the water. This board cuts through chop like warm butter and carves through turns as smooth as silk under your feet. The new Placebo V6 will enable its riders to put in the long hours necessary to progress to the next level with comfort and ease.

The tip outline of the Placebo V6 includes a slight concave and a “rounded” swallow design. The new tips increase the pop, thus aiding in the freestyle potential of the board. There is no need to hold back when pushing yourself to the next level. The new Placebo has firmly solidified its position as a true progression machine. A reference board that is tried and true. Warning: You may feel like you’re an expert with the new Placebo V6

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