2017 SPLEENE Session 45

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Session 45 High Tech Line the lightwind-freeride-board 145 x 46 cm  ... mehr
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Session 45

High Tech Line

the lightwind-freeride-board
145 x 46 cm


Perfect Freeride Board

The Session is the best Freeride Board you can get. It works in nearly all conditions with its special excellence at low winds. You can ride it without any effort and feel home from the first moment.

Huge Windrange

The Session has a huge wind range it works really great. Low winds are its main focus, but higher winds are also with lots of control especially in gusty conditions. If you are the more heavy rider the Session is the allround board.

Upwind Performance

The Session has a medium curved scoop line for the best upwind performance to put you windwards without stress. The sharp edges are supporting that. Its upwind performance is between the RIP and the Doors.

No Spray

The rails of Session are shaped with a tucked under edge, a bend in the rounded rail at the centre section. That provides you from spray. In addition to that the boards rides smoother through chop.

Easy Jumping

The wider outline at the tips of the Session gives lots of area to edge deep into the water and built up enough line tension for big jumps. Landing is also great, as the 3D-shape at the base side absorbs all bumps.


If you search for a kiteboard with the best possible comfort even in very choppy conditions then the Session is the best board you can get. The flex and the shape are designed for this task.

What´s new?


Less Weight At Tips

The tips are now shaped thinner. This gives less inertia and makes the board feel more alive.

New Outline

Together with our World Cup team rider Kelvin Corniel we have modified the outline of new Session 45 especially at the centre section. This gives slightly more upwind performance.

New Graphics

The new RIP 39 has a great design with maximum colour contrast to make it super easy to find your board after relaunch even in complex lighting conditions.

New Fin Positions

The new Session 45 has modified fin positions. Now the board is edging harder even in very choppy conditions and with full power.
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