2016 STARBOARD Enduro TikiTech 3pc Adj.Hybrid Carbon

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TIKI TECH BLADE   • High density PVC Core reduces resin uptake making the blade... mehr
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• High density PVC Core reduces resin uptake making the blade
stronger and lighter than ever.

• UD Carbon stringer continues all the way from the neck to the blade,
enhancing the reflex characteristics and strength.

• Full ABS rail and special scratchproof surface finish.

• All size Tiki Tech blades sold separately in Red, Blue, Green, and Pink
graphics with matching ABS Edge.



• 30 grams (10%) lighter than 2015 Premium Carbon, for longer and more efficient paddle sessions.

• Light weight 100% Carbon fiber pre-impregnated construction.


Oval 38 / 42                  Round 2 pc 40

Round 38 / 42               Round 2 pc Kids 42

Round Kids 42              Round 3 pc 40

Skinny 42                      Skinny 2 pc 42



We paddle a lot and found it fun to develop paddles shafts suiting the individual needs for our
various sized friends and team riders, to maximise their particular perfomance request.

A flexible shaft transfers energy in a more gentle way suiting long distance paddling and higher cadence.
A stiffer shaft provides a more direct transfer of energy and suits larger blades and taller riders wanting to use full lenght shafts.
When you cut a paddle shaft down to fit your size it automatically becomes stiffer, thus you may wish to choose a 42 mm shaft.


• The stiffness is measured by applying 30kg in the center of the shaft, supported at 140cm distance to measure the deflection in mm.
• If the shaft bends, it shows a higher deflection resulting in more flex, compared to a stiffer shaft with low deflection.
• The 35mm has the lowest flex,42mm has the highest flex.

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