2016 Ride Engine Metal Slider Spreader Bar

2016 Ride Engine Metal Slider Spreader Bar
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PROBLEM SOLVED:  Conventional kiteboarding harnesses have a major flaw in how they... mehr
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PROBLEM SOLVED: Conventional kiteboarding harnesses have a major flaw in how they function, and the Armor harness solves it exceptionally well. Riders are often forced to rotate their harnesses from side to side to get pull from the proper angle when carving upwind, riding toeside or catching waves. That range of motion requires a looseness in the harness that also allows vertical and torsional movement, resulting in rider discomfort, constricted breathing, pull from the wrong angle and a variety of other issues. 

With the Armor’s hard-shell Lumbar Lock technology, the harness does not rotate or slide; it locks in place and stays exactly where it should. This means lateral motion must come from the spreader bar. The metal slider bar is a spreader bar, rope and pad system that connects directly with the rider’s chicken loop. This setup is totally unique and provides a smooth and full range of motion, allowing the harness’s lumbar lock technology to work its magic while rider changes angles of attack, carves upwind, rides toeside and slashes waves.

+ Lighter than standard fixed hook spreader bar
+ Ergonomic fit
+ Replaceable rope
+ Rugged stainless steel construction
+ Speed-Lock compatible
+ Rope system provides optimal angle of attack
+ Allows smooth and full range of motion
+ Keeps harness locked in place where it should be
+ Easy interchange to fixed hook option
+ Available in 8in or 10in options

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