2018 AIRUSH Ultra 12m reefer blue

2018 AIRUSH Ultra 12m reefer blue
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The lightest kite we have ever made. (The 9m Ultra is  NEARLY 30% lighter  than a 9m... more
Product information "2018 AIRUSH Ultra 12m reefer blue"
  • The lightest kite we have ever made. (The 9m Ultra is NEARLY 30% lighter than a 9m Lithium)
  • Lasts twice as long (New V4 Dyneema load frame featuring WebTech)
  • Perfect for Freeride Foil, lightwind and strapless riding.

Five years after introducing the first single strut kite on the market, we introduce the all-new Airush ULTRA.

With the radical growth in Hydrofoil riding, the increased trend in strapless drift style wave riding along with the constant search for a kite that flies in lighter winds, the demand for a new generation of kite is clear.

The ULTRA introduces a new breed of the lightest and strongest technology ever developed.

Click here to read Behind The Design with Mark Pattison and Clinton Filen!


Key Users:

  • The ultimate freeride foilboarding kite with incredible relaunching capabilities that can handle gusty conditions.
  • The stabilityprofile and light weight allows the Ultra to drift down the line, making it perfect for riding waves less powered, parking the kite and going for that true surf feel.
  • The bigger sizes are also ideal for twintip freeriding no matter what your level.
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