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  AIRUSH APEX 2014 complete, NEW Airush introduces the Apex in a new configuration,... more
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AIRUSH APEX 2014 complete, NEW
Airush introduces the Apex in a new configuration, combining higher rocker, increased width and the new Venturi Concave. The unique concave stabilizes the board at faster speeds and enables the fin area to sit deeper in the water, allowing the rider to use smaller fins for the same level of grip.
The construction features a key innovation in the form of the Asymmetrical 3D Shape. This precision CNC shape enhances the performance of the independent flex tips and Carbon Torsion Control, by aligning the response of the board with the riders weight orientation towards the heel edge.
The Apex?s performance suits intermediate to advanced aggressive riders, while remaining easy and comfortable to use at faster speeds. 

Shipment includes:

  • Airush APEX 2014, with Screws, Fins, Pads, Handle
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