2020 Levitaz Shaka L Foil

2020 Levitaz Shaka L Foil
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  • LLEV620220
HYDROFOIL CHARACTERISTICS   The Levitaz Shaka Hydrofoil series is the choice for all... more
Product information "2020 Levitaz Shaka L Foil"


The Levitaz Shaka Hydrofoil series is the choice for all your hydrofoiling styles. No matter what you plan to do, you will be right with your new Shaka. Two different sizes of front wings and an adjustable rear wing combined with our reliable hybrid masts build a perfect combination for your foiling experience.

We have designed the Shaka L for SUP foiling, wave foiling in smaller waves, downwind swell foiling or just pumping in calm water. Due to the lowest take-off speed and its constant increasing lift, even the smallest swell or waves become surfable with the 2000 cm² big front wing. These characteristics together with the latest shape enable an efficient and playful pumping performance.

The adjustable rear wing enables the ideal setting for the riders´ needs. No matter if you are seeking to SUP, Surf, Wake or Pump, the Shaka L is your model.



  • Carbon/Aluminum
  • 70 cm lenght
  • Open fixing points for fast and easy assembly
  • Suitable for 4-screw plate mount (see FAQ "Mast Interface" for measurements)

The hybrid mast in 70 cm is the perfect allround lenght for SUP-, surf-, wake-, pumpfoiling.

The interfaces are made of high-strenght anodised aluminum. The thinwall design reduces weight and supports simultanous maximum durability. The top plate has open fixing points which allow you to loosen the track nut bolts to slide the top plate out rather than completely remove them. This makes removing the mast for a fast and effortless transport easy.

The low drag carbon fiber section offers maximum stiffness in bending and torsion, to guarantee a stiff and direct-handling feeling.



Our unique connection system allows to change the front and rear wing in seconds. For every level and every condition we offer the perfectly matching carbon wing.

The bigger SHAKA wings are manufactured with a full carbon plate contouring.

The lowest possible surface leads to minimal drag combined with maximum stiffness! We rely on our special high alloy steel comprising these advantages together. The assembly with steel is solid and very reliable.

Mast Hybrid, 70 cm, 4-screw Plate Mount
Frontwing Shaka L (2000 cm²)
Fuselage Shaka (60 cm)
Rearwing Shaka (300 cm²)
Angle Shims (2-piece set) Angle Shims (+/- 0,6°) for adjusting the Shaka rear wing
Foil Screw Set incl. Tool 4 x M6x20, 2 x M6x14
Anti Seize Paste Loctite LB 8065, 20g
Suitable Protective Cover Set (3-piece set) Frontwing-, Rearwing-, Mast-Cover
Travel Bag for Foils Travel Bag (100 cm)
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