2017 Naish Drive

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DRIVE  High Performance Freeride The Drive is designed for intermediate-to-advanced... more
Product information "2017 Naish Drive"


High Performance Freeride

The Drive is designed for intermediate-to-advanced riders who demand an extremely lightweight and responsive board for speed and upwind performance. 

Ultra-lightweight 3K Carbon creates a high-tension framework, so shape and flex are never compromised. The Drive’s rails gradually taper, providing lightweight tips and defined edges for outstanding grip and optimum flex. 

When paired with Beveled Tunnel Edges, riders will experience unmatched edging, aggressive pop and dynamic ride through both chop and flatwater conditions. 


  • Freeride Rocker = Powerful + fast riding + aggressive pop + lively feel
  • Low Flex F22 = Ideal for medium-to-high-speed riding
  • Flex Torsion Control = Boosts rigidity in axial & torsional axis + heightened control
  • Supreme Pop Wood Core = Unmatched reflex characteristics
  • 3K Carbon = Extremely lightweight + exceptional flex characteristics + high strength-to-weight ratio
  • 4° Angle Fin Platform = Superior grip + upwind performance
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