2020 Slingshot Misfit

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Twintip Size

  • S120221
The all NEW 2020 MISFIT features a new outline and a NEW tip and tail profile. This new outline... more
Product information "2020 Slingshot Misfit"

The all NEW 2020 MISFIT features a new outline and a NEW tip and tail profile. This new outline reduces board drag as well as giving it a smoother release from the water. With a new tip and tail profile, riders will experience less spray in the face and more forgiving landings when learning new tricks. Still featuring a space age hybrid Koroyd & wood core, the new 2020 MISFIT is rewriting the formula of the progressive freeride twin tip. This board has been a Slingshot cult favorite, world renowned as one of the best all around twin tips in the world. Legions of die-hard fans and kiteboarders have ridden the MISFIT at one point in their lifetime. It’s beginner friendly, freestyle friendly, upwind, downwind, flat water, chop and big air friendly. It’s our most versatile board, designed for all-conditions utility, with enough tech and performance built in to stand up to its reputation as one of the best all-around twin tips in kiteboarding.

PACKAGE INCLUDES:Misfit Board, 4 x 1.75” (19x15.2cm) NEW kite fins, NEW grab handle.


NEW redesign for 2020

NEW outline creates our driest board ever

NEW sizes maximize wind range of your kites

Our legacy twin tip designed for versatility and all-around freeride freedom

High-tech Koroyd tips are light, lively and sexy as heck

Dura-Light base: lightweight performance in a strong and durable package

Mild rocker, medium flex great for upwind drive and slicing through chop

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