2020 Slingshot Mixer

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  • S120216
NEW for 2020, The Mixer features new construction that makes it significantly lighter and gives... more
Product information "2020 Slingshot Mixer"

NEW for 2020, The Mixer features new construction that makes it significantly lighter and gives a more connected surfboard feel while maintaining bomber durability needed to stand up to the sport of kitesurfing. Upgraded to a five-fin configuration, riders can now swap between the faster, more responsive and looser feel of a quad-fin setup or the traditional, locked-in feel of a three-fin thruster. Now with a NEW winged rounded pin tail, the Mixer is going to provide a looser feel and enable smooth turns while keeping speed for bigger waves. This shape tail also makes the board quite stable in smaller less powerful surf and lighter winds. A slightly rounder outline and more robust belly on the board excels it in smaller wave conditions enabling it to float through lulls and weaker sections. The impressive top end speed allows the Mixer to keep up if the swells picks up or a decent sized set comes through.



NEW Construction- lighter weight, more control, more connected feel

NEW Versa-fin configuration lets you choose between five fin, quad or thruster

+ NEW Winged, rounded pin tail range and early planing provides loose, playful carving

NEW Cushy new corduroy deck pad is super grippy and comfortable

NEW Footstrap insert placement

A versatile, performance shortboard for smaller wave shredding and chop


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