2020 Slingshot Tyrant

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  • S1202190
Completely redesigned for 2020, the Tyrant is the hard-charging wave slayer in our lineup... more
Product information "2020 Slingshot Tyrant"

Completely redesigned for 2020, the Tyrant is the hard-charging wave slayer in our lineup designed for riders who want a board they can charge down the line and lock into high-speed turns. A classic shortboard shape, slender outline and rounded squash tail give the Tyrant a sharp, snappy feel and the locked-in drive you want when committing to bigger, faster, more critical waves. For 2020, all Slingshot surfboards feature new construction that makes them significantly lighter and gives a more connected surfboard feel while maintaining the durability needed to stand up to the sport of kitesurfing.



NEW Slender short board shape is fast and slashy for dedicated wave riders

NEW Rounded squash tail has tons of snap

+NEW Cushy new corduroy deck pad is super grippy and comfortable

NEW Construction: lighter weight, more control, more connected feel

NEW Footstrap insert placement

Aggressive, locked-in heel-toe edging

+ Rounded squash tail has tons of snap

+ Snappy and super agile, great for powered-up slashing

+ Bamboo and carbon patches add durability in key areas

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