2020 Duotone Teamseries Hadlow Textreme 140x42,5cm

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The relationship Duotone has with the 5 times world champion and undisputed king of kiteboarding... more
Product information "2020 Duotone Teamseries Hadlow Textreme 140x42,5cm"

The relationship Duotone has with the 5 times world champion and undisputed king of kiteboarding is a long one. Since joining the team, Aaron has worked with the designers to create the ultimate board for his unique style of riding. Powerful, stylish and big are three words that sum up how Hadlow rides, and the all-new TS Hadlow Textreme is built to compliment that perfectly. For 2020 a new construction technique has been used laminating Textreme Innegra carbon into the board along with Biax carbon to produce controllable explosive pop. The Hadlow also uses the latest Suspension Flex Cap top shape, which significantly reduces reverse flex on landing. The deep channels in the tips offer superior grip, and the Single Diffusor Bottom shape helps to smooth out those harsh impacts. If you want to take the Hadlow to the park, the Grindbase ensures durability and of course this board is best suited to boots. The king of kitesurfing just got his board supercharged, and now it’s ready to rock your world!

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