2016 Airush Core Bar

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The most versatile bar on the market.  Reduced diameter ultra skinny grip. ... more
Product information "2016 Airush Core Bar"
  • The most versatile bar on the market. 
  • Reduced diameter ultra skinny grip. 
  • Bombproof attention to detail and reliability. 

It is the most versatile bar on the market, enabling riders to have the perfect setup straight out of the bag, or tweak and modify the bar where required. The Airush Core bar features a new directional grooving pattern that helps you hang on through all conditions with maximum grip and comfort.

Developed as the first ever bar that has four length adjustments, the Airush Core Bar can be changed from 45-55 or 52-62 with simple and easy changes. This allows the bar to be used from our absolutely smallest kite to the largest kite in the Airush range.

The PU coated depower line makes sheeting in and out effortless, with two minimal diameter tubing. This PU coated line extends the lifespan of the centerline increasing the reliability of all Airush bars.

The Airush Bars have safety as the first priority. An industry standard Brain Quick release and color-coding on all parts makes the Airush system perfect and hassle free for all riders. Continuing for 2016, the Low Y on the center–lines allows for a quick single line flag out for those situations where you need it the most.

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