2020 Duotone Team Series Textreme

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Twintip Size

  • D44200-3423
How do you make the Team Series even better? Add some incredibly high tech materials and... more
Product information "2020 Duotone Team Series Textreme"

How do you make the Team Series even better? Add some incredibly high tech materials and construction to make it lighter, faster and stronger with even more pop! Duotone has been using Textreme Innegra Carbon in some of the boards for a few years. Hailing from the Formula 1 industry, it has some unique properties that work well within kiteboarding. By using the correct weaves and laminating them in the right manner, we can control the flex even more and reduce the weight while increasing the strength. This totally new board for 2020 also features a Grindbase so you can use it in the park as well as the flats. The suspension Flex Cap reduces reverse flex to a minimum and the Single Diffusor Base smooth’s out the landings. The grip comes from the deep channels and unique tip shape; this combined with the lively characteristics of the materials, combines to offer the ultimate in pop. The Team Series is an incredible board, the TS Textreme is that board on steroids. If you want the best twin tip for freestyle and new school moves, the TS Textreme is the board to have in your arsenal.

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