2020 Duotone Soleil Textreme

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Twintip Size

  • D44200-3430
Women deserve the best, and the Soleil Textreme is the pinnacle of our female specific twin tip... more
Product information "2020 Duotone Soleil Textreme"

Women deserve the best, and the Soleil Textreme is the pinnacle of our female specific twin tip range. Using the same fantastic shape but switching up the construction to the incredible Textreme carbon has made the board much lighter and even more responsive. It’s very early onto the plane and cuts a fast line through the water. The soft to medium flex offers a comfortable ride through the chop with even more pop so you can practice your latest moves or boost big jumps! The narrow outline makes it easy to carve from rail to rail, and the feedback you get through to your feet with this board is phenomenal. You’ll find the new grab rails make airstyle moves a breeze. The Step Mono Concave base and Space Flex tips offer plenty of grip, but also smooth out those landings too. If you are the sort of rider who demands the best, then the Soleil Textreme is your dream ticket to kitesurfing Nirvana, unrivalled performance packed into a lightweight package!

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