2021 Duotone Soleil SLS

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Twintip Size

  • D44210-3430
The best women’s specific kiteboard on the market just got promoted into the SLS league. New... more
Product information "2021 Duotone Soleil SLS"

The best women’s specific kiteboard on the market just got promoted into the SLS league. New for 2021 the team wanted to make the board lighter and more dynamic for the more advanced riders out there, looking for extra performance. To reduce weight, the new Light Base material was used, this is lighter than the previous bottom sheets and more durable. Then by using a critical formula of Textreme Carbon and 45° Biax Carbon weight was reduced even further without affecting the overall strength of the design. In addition to reducing weight, these high-end materials create a snappier feel underfoot, making the board more responsive and dynamic in a wide variety of conditions. The flex is a little stiffer than the standard version improving the pop, yet the narrow outline still makes the board incredibly smooth through the chop. We all know that women demand the best in life, and now the Soleil SLS offers them the ultimate kiteboard under their feet too!

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