2019 Duotone Boot

2019 Duotone Boot
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  • D44900-4300
DUOTONE BOOT AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2018 The Duotone Boot is the benchmark in kiteboarding... more
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The Duotone Boot is the benchmark in kiteboarding boots. Comfortable fit with maximum hold.



The Duotone Boot just keeps getting better! Driven by Team Rider Craig Cunningham and taking inspiration from our international Freestyle/Wakestyle Team, it's proven to take massive landings and steezy presses in its stride. A premium product designed specifically for kiteboarding its medium stiffness not only offers outstanding support with maximum heel hold, but also allows for freedom of movement and as much flex as the rider commands. The new, frictionless eyelets allow for a quick and easy on/off, whilst the updated closing system features both laces and removable velcro straps for solid closing. The reworked toe area creates an incredibly comfortable and more streamlined fit, as well as eliminating any chances of pinching or creasing in and around the foot. The TPU reinforced ballistic nylon Tongue erases potential pressure points, whilst the reinforced heel retention strap firmly holds the back of the foot in place.

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