2019 ION Onyx Select Semidry 3/2 FZ DL

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Wetsuit Size

  • I48902-4460
The SELECT line is all about ultimate warmth. Therefore we extended the Plasma_Plush inside... more
Product information "2019 ION Onyx Select Semidry 3/2 FZ DL"

The SELECT line is all about ultimate warmth. Therefore we extended the Plasma_Plush inside lining into the legs adding even more heat retention to the Onyx Select. The Maki_Tape 2.0 and the seam-free shoulder design provide you with ultimate freedom of movement. Cold conditions are no excuse anymore to not get out there! "Superior Warm:Quick drying Plasma_Plush lining ensuring great warmth.


Optimum Stretch:Limitless freedom of movement thanks to  less panels and the use of our stretchiest linings.


Power_Seams:Ultra slim outside sealing technology for a long lasting life span.


Minimal Panel Design:Sweep_Cut and a continuous panel on front and back are the reason why this suit feels like a second skin."     "Plasma_Plush:Plasma_Plush offers great heat retention, thanks to the looped fabric structure, which traps air for best insulation. Great stretch and quick drying.


Sweep_Cut:Seam-free shoulder design for increased paddle reach and shoulder rotation.


Replaceable Draw Cord:The cord is used to tighten the suit at the shoulder. The high load on this small detail can lead to unavoidable damage. Now it can be easily replaced. This is ION's answer to planned product obsolescence that occurs in other industries.


Fused edges on sleeve and leg ends


Seam_Reinforcements:All stress points are reinforced and secured from the inside with Melco tape for increased lifespan. If you accidentally left the suit in the trunk of your car on a hot day, they can start to peel off. Don't panic! Gently use an iron over the affected area as the glue is activated by heat.


Contour_Cut:To improve flexibility and comfort, all ION wetsuits come with the Contour_Cut. It greatly enhances flex in the collar, wrists, elbows and insteps.


Seal_Tite:A narrow rubber strip on the cuffs of the leg and arm ends, as well as on the collar. Ensures a better sealing and prevents the material from leaking.


Drain_Holes:In order to combat water accumulation inside the wetsuit we assure that quick water release is provided when needed. The Drain_Holes are secured in place from the inside and won't expand.


separate Leg_Straps


Internal Key_Pocket:Enjoy the session and stop worrying about your keys. Just store them in the Key_Pocket inside the wetsuit at the backzip. Please note, only store water resistant keys in order to avoid any damage.


Knee_Hollow embossing: Increased freedom of movement"




    Size Height (cm)Weight (kg)Chest (cm)
    46 168-175 57-64 86-91
    48 173-178 61-71 92-96
    50 176-181 68-79 96-100
    52 180-185 77-88 100-106
    54 183-188 86-98 106-111
    56 186-191 96-105 111-116
    94 176-181 64-75 92-96
    98 178-183 73-84 96-100
    102 183-188 82-93 100-106
    106 186-191 91-100 106-112
    25 176-181 72-88 101-105
    26 180-185 81-92 105-110
    27 183-188 90-102 109-114


    Size Height (FT'/IN'')Weight (LBS)Chest (IN'')
    XS 5'6''-5'9'' 125-140 34-36
    S 5'8''-5'10'' 135-155 36-38
    M 5'9''-5'11'' 150-175 38-40
    L 5'11''-6'1'' 170-195 40-42
    XL 6'0''-6'2'' 190-215 42-44
    XXL 6'1''-6'3'' 210-230 44-46
    STall 5'9''-5'11'' 140-165 36-38
    MTall 5'10''-6'0'' 160-185 38-40
    LTall 6'0''-6'2'' 180-205 40-42
    XLTall 6'1''-6'3'' 200-220 42-44
    MSmall 5'9''-5'11'' 158-194 39-41
    LSmall 5'11''-6'1'' 178-202 41-44
    XLSmall 6'0''-6'2'' 198-224 42-45
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