Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe ! 2.0

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Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe 2.0 Leashless kiteboard recovery The Go-Joe is designed to make it... more
Product information "Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe ! 2.0"

Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe 2.0

Leashless kiteboard recovery

The Go-Joe is designed to make it easier to find your kiteboard after a crash. Beginners often find it hard to body drag upwind, which results in an extra trip to the beach and back to grab their board. To prevent serious accidents by a boardleash, Go-Joe is a very good solution. The Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe is used by kite schools and novice kitesurfers all over the world. It"s the only safe board rescue which is supported by IKO and PADA.

The Go Joe is between your feet and clamped underneath the grab handle. While kitesurfing you won"t even notice it"s on your board. If you lose your board, the Go-Joe will ensure that your board will immediately float on the correct side. The Go-Jo then functions as a wind sail, which allows it to ride faster along with the wind. The Go-Joe is also very easy to spot in the water.

The Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe is easy to attach to any kiteboard with a handle. It"s inflatable, so you can pump it up with your kite pump. When traveling, you can easily deflate it to save space. If you are having struggles with body dragging upwind with your board, the Go-Joe is a safe choice to find your board quick and easy.


  • Find your kiteboard quickly, safely and easily
  • Inflatable
  • Fits every kiteboard with a grab handle

The Ocean Rodeo GoJoe comes in the new Colour BLUE

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