2018 Brunotti Fusion

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Triple Concave The only solution for the best performance both on the water and
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Triple Concave

The only solution for the best performance both on the water and on obstacles. With the 3rd channel being perfectly in the middle this board "locks" on every rail you hit

Carbon compression core

We engineered our Carbon Compression Core specificly to ensure an outstanding construction that can perform at the highest level. This construction not only makes the board very light, it also makes sure the boards are extremely torsion stiff. Making the board a true performer. Apart from that these boards also damp any vibration, making ride of these boards extremely comfortable.

Torque Equalizer

Our torque equalizer creates a unmatched torsion stifness in our boards, creating boards that are easy to control and have massive performance.

Hyperbolic Chasis

The hyperbolic chassis is moulded in one piece, which gives your board a better torsion flex. Apart from that the hyperbolic outline provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

Dsr Tech

The DSR-tech is a great freeride rail, with a very small contact surface. The sharp rail provides loads of grip and great upwind performance. Finally, the stiffened rail edge has sufficient stiffness to provide strong  pop.

Active Backbone

To add even more performance to our boards we created the Active Backbone. This backbone runs through the complete length of the board and adds both stiffness and strength where needed. It spreads all the forces on the inserts evenly trough the board, increasing control and comfort.

Board only, Straps and Pads were sold seperately


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