2020 Eleveight Master

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Twintip Size

  • ETT20MASV2
PERFORMANCE FEATURES Performance freestyle and freeride twin tip 3D
Informations produit "2020 Eleveight Master"
  • Performance freestyle and freeride twin tip
  • 3D shaped Paulownia wood core for an outstanding flex pattern
  • Carbon reinforcements reducing torsional flex and creating balanced rebound
  • Rail steps and multi channels for control and speed
  • Multi-stage rocker for better pop and smooth landings
  • Heavy-duty plywood block inserts
  • Shock-proof and UV resistant top sheet
  • 45 mm G10 fins come included
136x41, 139x42, 142x43


The latest version of our proven freestyle and freeride shred-stick has landed: the Master V2. This board is made especially for those riding hard, boosting staggering big airs and stomping technical tricks. This is you? Then keep on reading!
The first version of the Master, crafted by renowned Austrian board designer Franz Schitzhofer, was widely successful. Stakes were high to live up to the high bar set by the previous version. Hence Franz decided to keep the DNA of the board untouched while further improving the flex pattern with state of the art Carbon fusion technology.

More than ever, this board has an incredible pop that can easily be accessed by almost any level of rider, making professional performance available to a broad audience.
When it comes to freeride and freestyle performance, the Master brings the best of both worlds together. It pairs an innovative design with highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship that cushions hard landings, provides grip in any situation and comfortably holds the edge even in raging storms. It is the best board to go out there and master any trick!

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