2018 F-ONE Kiteboarding WTF 9m blue yellow

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The  WTF!?  is a brand new kite for 2018; it’s a no compromise
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The WTF!? is a brand new kite for 2018; it’s a no compromise freestyle machine designed for winners; it’s even in the name: Win The Freestyle!



•    Pure C Shape freestyle design
•    5th Line Set Up
•    5 Struts Design
•    Excellent Pop/ Slack/ Support
•    Ultimate control

  • SIZE
  • 5 M²
    35 +


  • 6 M² 
    30 +

  • 7 M²
    25 +

  • 8 M²
    22 > 30 

  • 9 M²
    19 > 27

  • 11 M² 
    16 > 24 

  • 13 M² 
    13 > 21 M²

  • 15 M² 
    10 > 18 

The WTF!? is a brand new kite from F-ONE for 2018; it’s a no compromise freestyle machine designed for winners; it’s even in the name: Win The Freestyle!

Returning to a pure C-Shape design, was a very exciting process for us, we were able to listen to our top freestylers and work with them and our designer, Robert Graham, to create the ultimate kite. The goal was to build them the kite they wanted, not a toned down version for the masses but the perfect tool for our top riders to do their job.


The C-Shape itself has always been the best option for making an easy to control and dynamic kite. To maximise the handling during intense moments such as loading up for pop and slack, and megaloops, we utilised a five strut design which keeps the profile exceedingly steady and gives our riders great confidence in the kite at all times. We decided to add a 5th line to help with control, optimise the power and also to enable them to relaunch the kite quickly with minimal effort.


Freestyle kites undergo unique situations as the riders load and release, going from full power as they edge to no power as they fly through the air, that"slack" feeling is the Holy Grail of a good freestyle kite. The WTF!? hassuperior pop and excellent slack, while we have ensured the kite is strong enough to handle these intense demands, especially during high wind kite loops, we have also kept the weight of the kite down to ensure excellent handling.


Each size of the WTF!? has been individually designed to match the conditions they are aimed at. The larger sizes have been developed to deliver more power and get you planing early; the smaller sizes are built with a high top end wind range in mind. This means whichever size you choose; you know everything has been done to get the most out of the given conditions on the day.


We are offering the WTF!? in every size from 5m to 15m allowing you to choose the perfect quiver for you without having to compromise. The kites are alsohighly tuneable, allowing you to dial in the flying characteristics to suit your riding style. There are three tuning options on the front lines; these allow you to adjust the kite to fly according to your level, riding style and the conditions of the day. Three rear line tuning options enable you to tune how the kite feels at the bar and adjust the handling too.


At the top level of freestyle today judges are rewarding the riders who enter the trick at high speed, then pop to massive heights while being able to perform technical tricks with fast landings to get the maximum points. The WTF!? is unique in that we let you tune the way the kite pops and gives your slack. By moving the front lines, you can get more or less power, pop and slack. As you start to reach competition level you can select the higher power option to ensure you get those amplitude points, if your level is still progressing then you can dial the kite down a few notches to make the pop easier and the slack more forgiving.


We tested a lot of different profiles for each size to get the perfect combination of pop, slack and support. When working with our designer Robert Graham, the riders were amazed at how much he could tune each profile and prototype to create the perfect combination of these three critical aspects to make the best kite possible.


When talking about the WTF!?, it is important to fully understand these three key design elements. Pop relates to the ability of the rider to unhook and dig the edge into the water. This allows them to load up the lines and the board for an explosive launch into their trick.


Of course, once you are in the air you need the lines to de-tension, creatingslack, this allows you to pass the bar with ease, and the rider can perform tricks without being pulled by the kite. Lastly, support is an often-overlooked aspect, riders these days are going higher and further than ever before with the kite super low. They don’t want to fall from the sky though, with no support from the kite, so it is critical that the kite can regain some tension and help them avoid overly harsh landings.


By working tirelessly with our demanding pro riders and expert designer and testers, we have created a kite that combines these three essential characteristics in perfect harmony. In addition to that, the WTF!? gives the rider great bar feedback, an impressive "size tuned" wind range, alongside excellent handling and turning capabilities.


The WTF!? ships with our new LINX Bar adjustable from 42 to 35cm letting you further tune the kite to your desired preference. This bar also comes with a wide chicken loop to make hooking in and out easy. Safety is, of course, important, even for the best riders; the 5th line takes care of this and can be activated even when the kite is in suicide mode by simply pushing the release.

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