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BOOST3 Freeride, Big Air, Lightwind The BOOST3 offers the perfect
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Freeride, Big Air, Lightwind

The BOOST3 offers the perfect balance between design and function to underline your riding style. It is reliable and robust whilst offering accessible performance with maximum control and agility. The BOOST3 will give you the confidence and inspire you to go higher. Lift your game!

Short Bridle System

The BOOST3 profile forms a highly efficient system when combined with the new Short Bridle. Precise turning and massive depower united in one kite. The short bridle allows the BOOST3 to feel responsive and direct even when depowered. The angle of attack can be controlled precisely through the bar and makes the BOOST3 a big air and upwind machine. Steering forces can also be easily adjusted to suit personal preferences.

High Load Force Frame

The High Load Force Frame sets the standard for FLYSURFER Kiteboarding L.E.I. kites and provides the necessary structure to keep the kite extremely rigid – a sturdy frame made of tightly woven high-strength brand fiber from DuPont, which is fixed and tempered with resin. We only use high quality materials offering a stable frame with low elongation (stretch), high tear strength, no moisture absorption, very good UV resistance and almost no deformation of the kite even at maximum load. The optimized shape of the High Load Force Frame results in a clear, clean air flow that improves the overall performance of the kite, its depower and flight stability.

Unmatched Relaunch

The BOOST3 combines profile thickness with a strong backwards sweep of the front tube and ensures an unbeatable relaunch in light and strong winds. The kite playfully rolls in the direction of the wind window, where it lifts and relaunches from the water by a slight pull of the steering line. Typical of FLYSURFER, the kite can be started backwards without problem as well. This can be made even easier with the optional Adaptive Airfoil Bridle.

3D Shape and Strut Design

The new FLYSURFER 3D Strut Design is simple, low-weight and robust. A durable construction for countless hours on the water, perfect for everyday use and a trusted feature that kite schools can count on. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to build a stable, smooth and highly performance-oriented profile. The result is reflected in excellent hangtime ​​and up-wind performance.

Adaptive Airfoil Bridle

Profile adjustment – like sailing or on airplane wings – this is the idea behind the Adaptive Airfoil System. A minimalistic trailing edge bridle makes it possible to adjust the profile of the kite during flight. Especially noticeable on the excellent low end or when relaunching. The Adaptive Airfoil Bridle is included with sizes 13.0 and 15.0 and is optionally available for size 11.0, making them ideal for hydrofoiling.

Self Launcher

With the Self Launcher, we are offering you a tool to easily solo-launch the BOOST3. Position the kite at the edge of the wind window, connect the sandbag (which comes with the kite), or any other bag and place this on the ground. Once the kite lines are tensioned the Self Launcher automatically releases safely at just the right moment.

BOOST3 … lift your game!

The third generation of the BOOST benefits from the new Short Bridle System for a direct and stable flying feeling. FLYSURFER combines materials tested over years with technical features, high quality workmanship and attention to detail. Our innovative spirit characterizes the BOOST3: New line deflectors, efficient 3D Strut design and improved Adaptive Airfoil Bridle. The tried and tested High Load Force frame delivers performance and durability. This high performance 5-Struter has an unbeatable relaunch – especially when using the Adaptive Airfoil Bridle, making it a perfect kite for hydrofoilers. The Self-Launcher helps make solo launching safe. Be inspired by the performance of the BOOST3, finely tuned bar forces and excellent turning characteristics create the perfect freeride kite with terrific upwind performance, immense depower and huge hangtime – a true big air machine. Comfort. Performance. Longevity.

Total package consists of

1x BOOST3 Kite only
1x BOOST3 Kite Bag
1x Kite Safety Guide
1x Self Launcher Bag
1x Repair Kit
12 month Free Repair Warranty

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