2019 Slingshot Compstick Guardian

2019 Slingshot Compstick Guardian
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WORK HARD. PLAY HARDER. Trusted, proven rider-simplicity at its finest; no gizmos or gimmicks,...plus
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Trusted, proven rider-simplicity at its finest; no gizmos or gimmicks, just clean design, intuitive function and bombproof construction. You are the driver, this is your steering wheel. Your bar should not come between you and your kite, it should feel like an extension of your arms. This is the Compstick. Equipped with the strongest flying lines in the industry (800lb test inside lines, 500lb test outside lines), easy release/reset safety systems and a clean, comfortable interface, it instills confidence and lets you forget about your bar and ride like you’re connected directly to the kite. The Compstick is available in two layout options, our patented below-the-bar and the traditional above-the-bar depower.


  • 17 in bar x 20 meter lines
  • 20 in. bar x 20 meter lines (+3 meter extensions)
  • 23 in. bar x 27 meter lines


  • Clean, intuitive, bomber below-the-bar system
  • The strongest flying lines in kiteboarding      
  • Easy to reach depower location
  • Clean visibility above the bar
  • Maximizes throw and depower

The Compstick Guardian features our patented below-the-bar system that places the depower within easy reach at waist level and increases the amount of throw above the bar. The trim cleat is incorporated into the safety release box, which further simplifies the look and feel of the setup. Your vision above the bar is clean, with no cleat or depower straps dangling in front of your face. To control the amount of throw, an active stopper can be moved on the fly to stop the bar wherever it is set.

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