2017 Levitaz Aspect (plate mount, 96 cm)

2017 Levitaz Aspect (plate mount, 96 cm)
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The Levitaz Aspect is the freeracer in the Levitaz foil collection. For everyone who wants
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The Levitaz Aspect is the freeracer in the Levitaz foil collection. For everyone who wants to enter in racing or loves long distance sessions, the Aspect offers the best performance. The high aspect ratio frontwing lowers water resistance and enables top speeds. The great controllability in high speeds is one of the strengths of the Aspect. Due to its unique features the Aspect provides amazing jumping possibilities. Advanced foilers will love the sportive performance of our Freerace Foil!

Every kitefoil comes with a resilient carrier bag and a protective cover set, specifically designed to hold the Levitaz kitefoil.

For more information, read the detailed description below.

Modular Concept

We offer you a variety of different foil setups which are ideally customized to your individual requirements. The Levitaz Style-Finder helps you to find out which foil suits you best.

The great benefits of the Levitaz Kitefoils are that all the foil parts are compatible with each other. Therefore, you can adapt your foil to any range of application.

Enjoy the modular concept of the Levitaz Kitefoils and supplement your range with various masts, front- and rear wings and fuselages according to your personal wishes.

Levitaz translates the quality and the approach of the race series “one-to-one” to serial production which underlines our approach to guarantee the modularity of the whole Levitaz product range.

Levitaz Kitefoils grow with your skills and your personal challenges! No matter which conditions you are facing, be prepared and enjoy your perfect day on the water.

Choose your foil according to your specific skills and style!

Foil Parts

  • Mast: [G436225] – 96 cm
  • 4 screw-plate mount
  • Frontwing: [G429188] – Aspect
  • Fuselage: [G429184] – Freeride
  • Rearwing: [G429187] – Freeride
  • Accessories: [G429185] – Plate
  • [G429073] – 4 pcs M6x20
  • 2 pcs M6x14
  • [G431385] – Travel bag
  • Suitable protective cover set
Advanced technology

Due to its very slim design, the Aspect has extremely little resistance under water. Complex flow simulations guarantee minimal drag and the best possible performance.

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