2021 Eleveight HCS 900 Foil

2021 Eleveight HCS 900 Foil
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  • HCS900
The HCS 900’s leading combination of high-tech materials and
Informations produit "2021 Eleveight HCS 900 Foil"

The HCS 900’s leading combination of high-tech materials and performance-design dictates the benchmark for the market of freeride foils, especially in terms of stability, top-speed, and versatility.



  • Highly versatile performance freeride foil
  • Front wing offers outstanding lift and stability
  • 85 cm mast for intermediate to advanced riders
  • Made with aerospace-grade aluminum and ultra-light carbon
  • Features Quick-Connect-Technology and includes travel bag

Control meets versatility meets speed. Three years ago we set out to design the HCS, a foil wing that redefines hydrofoil performance while being absolutely user-friendly. The long development process was worth the effort, as the HCS exceeds our goals. It offers extraordinary stability and great lift. Starting to glide and reaching racing speed is a breeze when riding this wing.

During the take off the HCS remains very stable. As soon as it starts to glide,  it proves to be highly dynamic and agile. It truly stands out in swift carves and pivotal turns. Effortlessly it accelerates to top-end speed that will feel breathtaking and calm at the same time, due to the unique sensation of flying above the water’s surface. Technical tricks become easy when cutting through the water with this foil. The slightest breeze is enough to make the HCS come alive and lift you out of the water. The magic of this outstanding performance lies in the smart design of our carbon composite front wing with a medium aspect ratio that is precisely balanced with a G10 stabilizer. Both are being combined with an 85 cm aerospace grade aluminum mast. These light but durable premium materials enhance the performance features and contribute to a dynamic yet peaceful ride. The modular construction is equipped with our innovative quick-connect technology, allowing you to switch masts easily in only a few moments. Hydrofoil experts, as well as progressing riders,  will enjoy every take-off with this incredible wing.

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