Brunotti X-Fit Surf with Wheels

Brunotti X-Fit Surf with Wheels
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Kite/Surf Trolly 5’8” Art. nr: 100040 6’4” Art. nr: 100086 Overnights on airports, in
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Kite/Surf Trolly

5’8” Art. nr: 100040
6’4” Art. nr: 100086

Overnights on airports, in the rain on the beach, on the back of a pickup, behind your bike, or, finally, back home. No matter
where or how you travel: we will keep your stuff safely packed in one of our bags. We will protect your gear and keep it together.
Our new lineup of bags will protect your gear against water and heat due to the Tarpaulin inner liner, and our closed cell
foam will protect your precious board against bumps along the way. Apart from that our Airmesh ventilation system will
try it’s best to keep your stuff fresh and dry. To let you take all the stuff you need we minimized the
number of seams, layers and materials, making our bags as light as possible so you can pack more. All of our handles are
ergonomically placed so every bag is as easy to handle as possible. So no matter where you go: we can be with you!

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