2018 Eleveight Master

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Twintip Size

  • E18Master
SIZES 136x41, 139x42, 142x43 PERFORMANCE FEATURES Performance freestyle twin...plus
Informations produit "2018 Eleveight Master"
136x41, 139x42, 142x43
  • Performance freestyle twin tip
  • 3D shaped Paulownia wood core for an outstanding flex pattern
  • Carbon reinforcements reducing torsional flex and creating balanced rebound
  • Rail steps and multi channels for control and speed
  • Multi stage rocker for better pop and smooth landings
  • Heavy duty block plywood inserts
  • Ultra durable top sheet with UV resistance
  • 45mm G10 fins

DESIGN vision

We proudly present a new beast of a twin tip: The Master.
This board is easy to access and will provide joy and fun the second you hit the water. But be aware, even if the Master is a fun ride for riders of all levels, it is a true performance shred stick. Innovative design and high quality materials make it the best choice for radical, unforgiving freestyle moves. To truly tease out its potential, you have to ride this board hard. Slam it into the water, pop it with all you have got and it will spit you into freighting heights. The Master is made for freestyle riders who don’t want to limit themselves.

To give you some tech insides: The board was designed by Franz Schitzhofer in Austria. It is crammed with state-of-the-art technologies and the latest materials, such as heavy duty block plywood inserts that allow you do choose between straps and boots. The Master combines a super light Paulowina wood core with strong 330 g carbon reinforcements. A 3D shape produces the needed combination of stiffness and flex – a pattern that generates big boosts while reducing torsional flex. Special attention was paid to create the perfect rebound that really shows when you pop or land in the flat. And to further support your knees and pop, Franz Schitzhofer designed a  multi stage rocker that also mows through chop. A sophisticated channel design and railsteps provide plenty of grip – the included G10 fins enhance the grip even further and make it easy to lock in even sketchy landings. No matter if going for a joyful cruise or a radical freestyle sesh – the Master has got your back.


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