all ride Kiteboard 59 (159 x 45cm)

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  • AR14-59
all ride 59 board 2014 - Size 159 x 45 cm with G10 Fins: 2 x 4,0 cm & 2 x 4,7 cm dyed
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all ride 59 board 2014 - Size 159 x 45 cm

  • with G10 Fins: 2 x 4,0 cm & 2 x 4,7 cm dyed G10 Material
  • Ultra soft 3D-Injection-Moulded-Pad with comfort-grip
  • Super soft Adjustable-Strap
  • Grab-Handle


The all ride 59 is the perfect bords for perfect access to real light wind sessions for kitesufers! Beside it is the ideal board to begin with kitesurfing! In 2014 it provides first class performance with an outstanding and even improved comfort. Thanks to the special shape the 59 provides these unique abilities when it comes to light wind kiteboarding. 
Design features:

Changed wider outline at the tips for a better performance in low wind conditions.

T3C: Twin 3D-Woodcore. All all ride Boards are produced with a form-glued, CNC-milled woodcore.

FCR: Full Center Rail. The more solid edge in the centre of the board prevents effectively from miscutting.

TUE: Tucked Under Edge. A bend in the rounded rail at the senter section gives more speed and prevents from spray.

BRL: Beveled Rail. A slightly lift egdewise at the base side which generates a lot more comfort in choppy conditions and more comfort.

HDF: High Definition Flex. A precisely dimensioned laminate construction gives you the absolute comfort at all.

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