2017 Nobile Kiteboarding 50/Fifty Woman

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STYLE: wakestyle

Size (cm): 131x38.5 | 134x39 | 138x39.5

Main features:
– Massive pop
– Supreme traction
– Controlled landings

Flex (1-10): 8
Rocker line: Hydrodynamic
Bottom construction: Multi Channels

The 50/Fifty WMN board is a wakestyle machine created for
women. We have achieved what our female riders working on
this construction really cared and waited for: perfect grip during
carves and when performing tricks, coupled with massive pop and
comfort, as well as safety during landings. The patented Pre-Stress
technology allows us to exploit the extra abilities of the wood.
While others use only geometrical properties of the multi-channel
bottom, Nobile has achieved totally different level thanks to Pre-
Stress technology. Owing to this technology, it is possible to create
a thinner, lighter board while strengthening its construction at the
same time. Improved torsion resistance and extra energy translate
into unbelievable upwind performance and fantastic pop. There’s a
beast in this beauty which is just revving up for jumps. Pre-stressed
Multirocker combined with Hydrodynamic Rocker ensures the
perfect control during carves at the highest speeds, and allows the
use of smaller fins, which improves the freestyle properties of the
board. As Nobile loves girls, we have taken care of their safety as
well. We especially adjusted the flex engineering to riding in boots.
Using a tailor-made construction, and carbon fibres in the upper
part of the board between the bindings, means that the board’s
tips always stay on surface. This increases the chance of landing
even after the most difficult tricks, while you don’t have to worry
about your joints. The 2017 model has been additionally reinforced
and modified in order to make the ride in boots comfortable. Then
we have prepared two sets of inserts – for pads and for boots. The
possibility of such adjustment allows us to set up the centre of
gravity on board perfectly, which guarantees the perfect feel.

For whom:
For advanced riders looking for a wakestyle, freestyle and
newschool board. Especially designed for riding in boots but with
the possibility to use straps as well.

– Pre-stressed Multichannel system guarantees stability in every
– Carbon power belt keeps the rocker line during hard landings.
– Compatible with wakeboard bindings.
– Rocker line is perfect for all conditions.
– Stance and flex adjusted to women’s needs.

Board set includes:
– Click’N’Go IFS
– Click’N’Go G10 Fins
– Grab Handle

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