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2019 Duotone Rebel 2019 Duotone Rebel
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2019 Duotone Neo 2019 Duotone Neo
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2019 Duotone Evo 2019 Duotone Evo
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CORE Nexus CORE Nexus
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2018/2019 Naish Ride 2018/2019 Naish Ride
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2020 F-One Bandit S 2020 F-One Bandit S
Bandit -S The all-new BANDIT-S, a dedicated strapless and surf kite, the choice of champions and riders who truly value surfing with a kite. Effortless maneuverability: steer the kite exactly where you want it Excellent drift: Focus on...
From €1,090.00 *
2020 F-One Bandit 2020 F-One Bandit
Bandit 2020 The legendary kite is back once again, and this year the smaller sizes have a focus on big air and kite loops. New outline: Featuring squarer tips for more maneuverability Incredible Top End: Get total control in high winds...
From €1,250.00 *
2020 Slingshot RPM V12 2020 Slingshot RPM V12
The RPM V12 has been pushed forward and upward within its anytime, any condition, all performance design mantra. Returning for its 12th Version is the Flyline Bridle System, which was introduced last year. FlyLine in conjunction with the...
From €1,159.00 *
2020 Slingshot Ghost V1 2020 Slingshot Ghost V1
If you are looking for a lightweight ultra-simple kite to take your riding to the next level, the Ghost is your friendly companion. Its Flyweight construction, one strut design, and segmented swept wingtips cover both low-and high-end...
From €919.00 *
2020 Slingshot Turbine V.10 2020 Slingshot Turbine V.10
Introduced as the original and highest performing light wind kite ever built, a decade later the Turbine continues to deliver the pinnacle of light wind reliability and session saving dependability. The Turbine V10 features our proven...
From €1,709.00 *
2020 Duotone Capa 2020 Duotone Capa
The all-new CAPA is the definition of a freeride foil kite, the perfect balance of user-friendliness and performance. KEY FEATURES DUOTONE CAPA INCREDIBLY STABLE AND EASY TO FLY EVEN IN GUSTY CONDITIONS, THE CAPA IS ALWAYS STABLE AND...
From €1,649.00 *
2020 RRD Vision 25 Years Edition 2020 RRD Vision 25 Years Edition
DESCRIPTION The Vision Y25 provides a versatile, easy to use, responsive, and predictable kite that will allow an effortless progression in all disciplines. The overall turning speed and movement throughout the window identify this kite...
From €1,102.00 *
2020 RRD Passion 25 Years Edition 2020 RRD Passion 25 Years Edition
DESCRIPTION The kite that year after year has gained more and more trust by riders from all over the world till becoming a real flagship of RRD’s kite collection. The Passion Y25 marks the 11th version of this notorious high performance,...
From €1,125.00 *
2020 RRD Addiction 25 Years Edition 2020 RRD Addiction 25 Years Edition
DESCRIPTION A completely redesigned kite that is moving on together with the increasing evolution of the big air discipline! The new Addiction has been redesigned to satisfy the request of the increasing group of riders that has only one...
From €1,349.00 *
2020 RRD Obsession 25 Years Edition 2020 RRD Obsession 25 Years Edition
DESCRIPTION The kite that led Adeuri Corniel to the top of the 2018 GKA freestyle World Cup, the Obsession Y25 is a true full-blooded unhooked freestyle bomb. Our goal was to create a performance freestyle 4 lines kite superior to any 5...
From €1,249.00 *
2020 RRD Religion 25 Years Edition 2020 RRD Religion 25 Years Edition
DESCRIPTION Enjoy a pure, radical surfing session with this true legend of the wave discipline. At its 10th edition the Religion has transformed together with the evolution of riding waves with a kite. There are not many kites out there...
From €1,069.00 *
2020 RRD Emotion 25 Years Edition 2020 RRD Emotion 25 Years Edition
DESCRIPTION The RRD Emotion Y25 continues as the most versatile one-strut kite developed for those who are looking for a lightweight kite that is specifically designed for freeriding, light wind performance and hydrofoiling. The EMOTION...
From €900.00 *
2020 Cabrinha Crosswing 2020 Cabrinha Crosswing
CROSSWING WING SURF / FREERIDE Sizes: 4m Designed for riders looking for an efficient power source to use with many types of watercraft, the all-new Crosswing is the simplest form of wind driven power you can hold in your own two hands....
€799.00 *
2020 Liquid Force Solo 2020 Liquid Force Solo
2020 Solo Crossover Progression, Freeriding, Hydrofoiling, Light wind Light as air, the 2020 Solo offers jet-setting freeriders and hydrofoil enthusiasts a kite with ideal performance characteristics based on an industry-proven,...
From €949.00 *
2020 Liquid Force Wow V4 2020 Liquid Force Wow V4
Wow v4 Surf and freestyle strapless surf The WOW v4, with a complete redesign, offers wave seekers and strapless surf freestylers a kite with effortless flying characteristics. This kite lets you focus on pulling the next move, making...
From €1,089.00 *
2020 Liquid Force NV 2020 Liquid Force NV
2020 NV Crossover progression, hooked and unhooked freestyle, freeride A redesign that is now tested, proven and perfected. There is no doubt the NV is synonymous with stability and dependability in all conditions and styles of riding....
From €999.00 *
2020 Airush Diamond V5 2020 Airush Diamond V5
DIAMOND V5 Versatile female-specific performance. Direct steering & swift depower. Stable with all-around ease of use. The Diamond features a refined profile and balanced configuration that appeals to a broad range of users from wave,...
From €1,159.00 *
2020 Airush Wave V9 2020 Airush Wave V9
SMOOTH POWER & HIGH PERFORMANCE Dedicated high-performance wave riding kite. Direct response, agile turning & perfect drift. Interchangeable fixed or pulley bridle system. Designed to deliver smooth power and high performance, the Wave...
From €1,099.00 *
2020 Airush Lithium V11 2020 Airush Lithium V11
LITHIUM V11 Premium all-around freeride performance. Precise steering with reduced bar pressure. Powerful delta hybrid with a huge wind range. Ideal for the rider that spends countless hours on the water, the Lithium offers premium...
From €1,099.00 *
2020 Airush Union V5 2020 Airush Union V5
UNION V5 Performance freeride, big air & freestyle crossover. Smooth kiteloops, superb hangtime, hooked & unhooked. Fixed bridle for crisp steering response. The Union delivers incredible lift and hang time when going for big air, along...
From €1,179.00 *
2020 Airush Lithium Progression SPS V3 2020 Airush Lithium Progression SPS V3
LITHIUM PROGRESSION V3 Versatile freeride kite ideal for progression. Incredibly stable with a smooth, consistent drive. Easy relaunch with direct steering response. This is the kite that carved a new level of legendary versatility and...
From €759.00 *
2020 Airush One Progression 2020 Airush One Progression
ONE PROGRESSION Plug & Play Benutzerfreundlichkeit. Sofortige Depower, großer Windbereich & einfacher Relaunch. Einzel-Strut-Design für böigen oder leichteren Wind. Wir stellen den neuesten Kite der Progression-Reihe und einen...
From €609.00 *
CORE Section 3 CORE Section 3
CORE Section 3 Wave Phenom WAVE Surf with confidence. Yes, you’re ready for a dedicated wave kite. A kite that stays out of your way when it's not needed and then comes alive when called upon. The Section 3 carries over its acclaimed...
From €1,099.00 *
2020 Duotone Evo 2020 Duotone Evo
EVO FREERIDE / FREESTYLE / WAVE Art.-No. 44200-3003 The best all-rounder in the Duotone range, the Evo is a favourite among many, for freeride, big air, waves and anything you want to do on the water. KEY FEATURES DUOTONE EVO 2020 BEST...
From €1,079.00 *
2020 Duotone Neo 2020 Duotone Neo
The Neo is the choice of our highly decorated wave riding team, Airton Cozzolino, Matchu Lopes, Sebastian Ribeiro and James Carew - all choose the Neo to compete on the GKA Strapless World Tour. It has won more world titles and events...
From €999.00 *
2020 Duotone Vegas 2020 Duotone Vegas
VEGAS FREESTYLE / WAKESTYLE The ultimate C-Kite on the market with unrivalled performance for freestyle, park and kite loops. KEY FEATURES DUOTONE VEGAS 2020 AMAZING UNHOOKED PERFORMANCE AND POP INCREDIBLE SLACK AFTER THE POP, THIS...
From €1,299.00 *
2020 Cabrinha Switchblade 2020 Cabrinha Switchblade
SWITCHBLADE PERFORMANCE FREERIDE / BIG AIR 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 DESIGN PROFILE: 5 strut, Hybrid design, Fusion wing tip shape, Draft forward profile RIDER PROFILE: The discerning rider who values unrivaled predictability and...
From €1,199.00 *
2020 Cabrinha Moto 2020 Cabrinha Moto
MOTO VERSATILE FREERIDE / CROSSOVER 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 Design Profile: 3 strut, Moderate aspect ratio hybrid design, Reactive wing tip, Fast, lean and efficient profiles Rider Profile: For riders who appreciate versatile,...
From €1,099.00 *
2020 Cabrinha Drifter 2020 Cabrinha Drifter
DRIFTER SURF / FREESTYLE SURF 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 DESIGN PROFILE 3 strut, moderate aspect ratio hybrid design. Surf/drift wing tip design, 2 bridle setting options RIDER PROFILE Specifically designed for kitesurfing in waves...
From €1,149.00 *
2020 Cabrinha Contra 2020 Cabrinha Contra
CONTRANEW DESIGN PERFORMANCE LIGHTWIND / FREERIDE 13, 15, 17, 19 DESIGN PROFILE 3 Strut, Hybrid design, Low drag wing tips, draft forward profile RIDER PROFILE Perfect for any rider that wants to extend their game into the lightwind...
From €1,699.00 *
2020 Cabrinha FX 2020 Cabrinha FX
FX FREESTYLE/CROSSOVER PROFILDESIGN 3 Strts, modifizierter C-Shape, breite Wingtips, moderate Aspect Ratio, Freestyle-Shape, 3 verschiedene Bridle-Settings! RIDER-PROFIL Für Kiter, die zwischen ein- und ausgehakten Freestyle-Tricks...
From €1,199.00 *
2020 North Kiteboarding Orbit 2020 North Kiteboarding Orbit
Lift Like Never Before! Big jumps. Big hang time. Big wind range. Designed from the ground up, this kite will rocket you upwind fast, with...
From €1,089.00 *
2020 North Kiteboarding Pulse 2020 North Kiteboarding Pulse
Available from September 2020 Our premier freestyle 3-strut kite will set your heart pumping. Specifically designed for fast, responsive steering, the Pulse is the ultimate in performance freestyle, that will also boost and mega loop...
From €1,099.00 *
2020 North Kiteboarding Carve 2020 North Kiteboarding Carve
Powerful, reactive and controllable, the Carve provides instant drift with the flick of your wrist, allowing you to power on and off instantly, stay in the pocket for longer and out of the critical impact zone. Featuring a sensory pivot...
From €959.00 *
2020 Slingshot Rally GT V1 2020 Slingshot Rally GT V1
RALLY GT V.1 FREERIDE / FREESTYLE/WAVE / FOIL Der neue Rally GT ist die konsequente Weiterentwicklung des bekannten Slingshot Rally. Mit seinen 3 Struts ist er vielseitiger als je zuvor. Seine riesige Windrange, hervorragende...
From €999.00 *
2020 Slingshot Raptor V1 2020 Slingshot Raptor V1
If Go Big or Go Home is your motto, this is the kite to get you there. NEW to the Slingshot lineup for 2020, the RAPTOR is a hard-charging, high-flying, big air freestyle/freeride crossover designed for riders who want big-time...
From €1,209.00 *
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