2019 RRD SH Flight Alu 60 Hydrofoil

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The SH- flight foil is the new tool to enter the windless and light wind foil dimension.

Using the SH- flight foil you will learn a new way to ride the ocean using a type of motion that was unexplored until today.

The combination of a short mast of only 60 cms of height and a moderate long fuselage of 76 cm, create the base of the right balance of this modern hydrofoil designed to work at low speed.

The front wing is the engine of the whole system. Built with a mix of lighweight and heat stabilized PU core on the sides and a full carbon center plate to connect it to the fuselage, this extra thick profile wing with a 82 cms wingspan will create the right lift to start foiling at 6 knots of speed!

The rear wing is 52 cms wide and has a negative dihedral angle of 154°. This angled wing design improves the “pumping” ability of the foil, and also keeps remaining it under water at all times, even during high speed turns when the foil has to work and perform at higher side angles. This avoids any undesired sudden front lifts that can result in bad crashes.

The new SH- flight foil foil is delivered with a hull flat plate to be used on US boxes slots that allow precise micrometric trim options for your sessions.

Welcome to the future of riding the ocean!