2021 Eleveight Curl - complete

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Produktnummer: ECURL5
Produktinformationen "2021 Eleveight Curl - complete"

The state-of-the-art shortboard, Curl, delivers dynamic rail-to-rail surf performance in powerful medium to high waves.

5 ́1 x 17 5/8 x 2 1/16 - 21.5 Ltr 5 ́4 x 18 1⁄2 x 2 3/16 - 25.5 Ltr


  • ●  Modern shortboard for powerful surfing in medium to big waves

  • ●  Lightweight and durable CVC construction with a Bamboo top deck

  • ●  Single concave bottom to generate speed and dynamic drive

  • ●  Medium rocker line for full control and explosive hacks

  • ●  Comfortable high-density EVA pads provide perfect grip

    / DESIGN Vision

    We designed the Curl for ambitious surfers that need performance to be at their feet when tackling the surf. It is great in all conditions, from weak and blown out wind swells to barreling reef slabs. Explosive hacks are coming naturally to those riding this board. The magic lies within the state of the art composite vacuum sandwich construction that is lightweight and extra durable, featuring a tough bamboo top deck and a full carbon bottom. A single concave at the bottom, thin rails, a medium rocker line, and a squash tail provide the outstanding surf characteristics. Ride the Curl and throw some serious spray.

    / DESIGNER Quote

    The Curl combines a professional surf shape with outstanding materials and craftsmanship. It is meant to rip in all conditions.
    – Peter Stiewe