2022 Airush Union Kite & Board Complete Kite Set Package

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Produktinformationen "2022 Airush Union Kite & Board Complete Kite Set Package"

This is the 2022 Airush Union Kite & Apex Board Set with Cleat Bar V5 and AK Element Pads! Get ready to experience the pinnacle of kiteboarding performance and innovation with this cutting-edge package that combines the best of Airush technology.

The Airush Union Kite is a true game-changer, designed to deliver unmatched versatility and all-around performance. Whether you're a beginner looking to progress or an experienced rider pushing the limits, the Union Kite has got you covered. Its advanced Delta Hybrid design provides effortless relaunch, superb stability, and exceptional upwind performance. With its precise and responsive handling, the Union Kite offers a smooth and exhilarating ride in any conditions.

Paired with the Union Kite is the high-performance Apex Board, engineered to take your riding to new heights. Crafted using Airush's proprietary Multizone Biotech construction, the Apex Board offers the perfect blend of flex, durability, and lightweight design. Its state-of-the-art 3D deck shape ensures optimal grip and control, while the progressive concave bottom shape enhances speed and stability. From freeriding to freestyle, the Apex Board excels in every aspect of kiteboarding. (if you select another board, please see the details in it's description)

The set comes complete with the Cleat Bar V5, Airush's flagship control system. Featuring the innovative cleat trim system, this bar offers unmatched convenience and precise power adjustment on the go. The ergonomic grip and intuitive design provide maximum control and comfort, allowing you to focus on enjoying the ride. With its durable construction and advanced safety features, the Cleat Bar V5 ensures a worry-free kiteboarding experience.

To complement the board, we've included the AK Element Pads, designed for ultimate comfort and performance. These footpads and straps feature a dual-density EVA construction, providing optimal shock absorption and excellent grip. The adjustable strap system allows for a customized fit, ensuring a secure and comfortable connection to your board. Whether you're landing big jumps or carving smooth turns, the AK Element Pads offer exceptional support and control.

Experience the thrill of kiteboarding like never before with the 2022 Airush Union Kite & Apex Board Set. Combining innovation, versatility, and uncompromising quality, this package is the ultimate choice for riders seeking excellence in every session. Take your riding to the next level and elevate your kiteboarding adventures with Airush, the brand trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike.