Cabrinha Moto Kite & Spectrum Complete Kite Set Package 2022-2024

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Introducing the ultimate kitesurfing package for 2022, the Cabrinha Moto Kite Set. This set includes the 2022 Cabrinha Moto Kite, Spectrum Board, Source Bindings, and Trimlite Bar, all designed to give you the ultimate kitesurfing experience.

The 2022 Cabrinha Moto Kite is a high-performance kite that delivers smooth power and fast turning ability. It features a three-strut design and a new canopy material that makes it lightweight and responsive. With its excellent upwind performance and quick relaunch, this kite is perfect for riders of all levels.

The Spectrum Board is an all-around board that offers a smooth and comfortable ride. It has a wood core and a durable construction that can handle even the toughest conditions. The board also features a moderate rocker, which gives it excellent speed and maneuverability.

The Source Bindings are designed to provide maximum comfort and control. They have a soft EVA footbed and a triple density pad that conforms to your foot for a secure fit. The bindings also have a quick and easy adjustment system that allows you to customize the fit to your liking.

Finally, the Trimlite Bar is a lightweight and responsive control system that gives you precise control over your kite. It features a below-the-bar swivel that allows you to untangle your lines with ease, and a comfortable grip that reduces fatigue during long sessions.

Overall, the Cabrinha Moto Kite Set is the perfect package for any kitesurfer who wants to take their skills to the next level. With its high-performance kite, comfortable board, secure bindings, and responsive control system, this set has everything you need to enjoy the ultimate kitesurfing experience.