Liquid Force Launch Foil Set

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Launch Foil Set



New for 2020 Liquid Force has perfected the entry level setup for hydrofoiling.   While were the first to make hyrdrofoiling accessible to people with the invention of  Foil Fish, we have since learned a lot about the learning curve for this sport.   The first step to make foiling easy to learn is to have a short mast, which it why this set includes a 24 inch (60 cm) aluminum alloy mast.  A shorter mast makes a foil easier to control and gives comfort to newcomers as they learn to handle a board that now has a metal extrusion hanging beneath it.   In the learning stages, you will find that you will breach the water a lot as you learn to hone in on the sweet spot.  A shorter mast helps to speed up the learning process and get you foiling faster.  The next step is to have a wing that achieves lift at slower speeds, which is why this set comes complete with the new Carbon Composite Flite 120 front wing.  The Flite 120 shape is perfect for beginners as it has a lot of “yaw” stability, or in laymen’s terms, stability from side to side.  If the foil is stable from side to side, the rider can focus on learning how to bring the foil up and down out of the water without having to worry about falling off their heel or toe side edge.  This combination of short mast and 120 wing are now our go to for any kiteboarder or wakeboarder learning to get into the sport.  As with all Liquid Force entry level sets, we wanted to be as price conscience as possible when developing the Launch Foil Set.  This set comes complete with our budget friendly aluminum collar, straight 78 cm aluminum fuselage and a injected carbon polymer rear tail wing.   Let us help you blast off into the foiling world with our new Launch Foil Set.


Included in the Set
– 24″ Aluminum mast with 20cm reinforcement block
– Carbon Composite Flite 120 Front Wing
– Standard Aluminum Fuselage
– Standard Aluminum Collar
– Titanium Coated M8 x 1.25 Hardware for wings, fuselage and collar
– M8 Cap Nuts (required for Wakefoil 2.0 and Plank attachment)
– Plastic board transition plate
– 5mm Hex Drive Allen Key
– Tube of Grease

Hardware Details
– M8 x 1.25 x 24mm x 3 (Front Wing)
– M8 x 1.25 x 16mm x 2 (Rear Wing)
– M8 x 1.25 x 40mm x 2 (Fuselage)
– M8 x 1.25 x 24mm x 6 (Collar and Cap nuts for Plank or Wake Foil 2.0)