VAYU Fly Complete Wing Foil Set Package

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The Fly was built to make wing foiling as easy as possible.

Designed for performance and early take-offs with maximum volume in the shortest possible board size. The overall board concept allows you to get on the foil easily once you’ve reached lift-off speed.

The wide overall width makes it easy to knee-start even if the water is choppy.

The centered volume makes up for a very agile feel when foiling while being easy to control. it’s precisely-balanced volume distribution allows you to stay in one stance position no matter if you are in displacement mode or foiling.


The shorter the board the less swing weight which makes it more agile and and manoeuvrable when foiling. Less surface area means more aerodynamic. The extra nose and tail volume means extra stability when not foiling. The volume in the nose helps recovery when coming off the foil or nose-diving. A shorter board is much more effective for pumping as well.


The concave in the deck helps to position the rider lower and makes the board more stable to ride. It increases the volume in rails making it a more balanced and stable shape. It also helps to keep the board under you while knee starting. In turns it helps you to engage the toe side with your back foot.


The longitudinal arch bar serves as a tactile stance reference for precise and fast foot placement which is crucial when foiling. Additionally, it makes for a better hold while using footstraps. A Tail pad and a front pad serve as a visual marker for your feet making it easier to find your stance. A tail kick pad in case you are riding strapless.


Multiple foot strap options with a Y-strap setup allow you to ride it either with a double strap in the front or in surf stance with a centered front strap.

FLY 5.090L5'0“ x 27“ x 5"
152 x 69 x 13 CM
FLY 5.2110L5'2“ x 28.5“ x 5.6“
158 x 72 x 14 CM
FLY 5.4130L5'4“ x 29“ x 6.2“
164 x 74 x 16 CM


  • 2022/23 Naish Jet Foil Series for maximum performance

    There are three versions:

    1. Jet Foil HA (High Aspect) Semi Complete (=no mast)
    2. Jet Foil MA (Medium Aspect) Semi complete  (=no mast)
    3. Jet Foil Standard (Low Aspect) Semi Complete  (=no mast)

    Here are the main differences between these models.

    1. High Aspect (HA) Foil:
    • High aspect foils typically have longer wings with a narrower chord (width) and a higher aspect ratio (length to width ratio).
    • These foils are known for providing greater efficiency and speed, making them suitable for advanced users and those looking for maximum performance.
    • High aspect foils are often preferred for racing and advanced foiling maneuvers due to their reduced drag and improved lift-to-drag ratio.
    1. Medium Aspect (MA) Foil:
    • Medium aspect foils strike a balance between the characteristics of high and low aspect foils.
    • They are versatile and can cater to a wider range of riders, offering a good compromise between stability, speed, and maneuverability.
    • Medium aspect foils are suitable for intermediate foilers who want a balance of performance and control.
    1. Low Aspect (LA) Foil:
    • Low aspect foils typically have shorter wings with a wider chord, resulting in a lower aspect ratio.
    • These foils are known for providing more stability and ease of use, making them suitable for beginners and those who prioritize comfort over maximum speed.
    • Low aspect foils are often chosen for learning to foil and for cruising at lower speeds.

    When comparing the 2022 Naish Jet Foil HA, MA, and Standard models, you can expect the High Aspect to prioritize performance and speed, the Medium Aspect to offer a balance of features, and the Standard (Low Aspect) to focus on stability and ease of use.

    The high number (for example 1600) gives you the surface of the front wing in cm2.

    Scope of delivery:
    Jet front wing + EVA cover
    Stabilizer Jet HA + EVA cover
    Carrying case
    Torx screwdriver and required screws (5x 20 mm M6/4x 30 mm M6 + T Nuts)