VAYU FLYR Ensis Complete Wing Foil Set Package

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The Fly was built to make wing foiling as easy as possible.

Designed for performance and early take-offs with maximum volume in the shortest possible board size. The overall board concept allows you to get on the foil easily once you’ve reached lift-off speed.

The wide overall width makes it easy to knee-start even if the water is choppy.

The centered volume makes up for a very agile feel when foiling while being easy to control. it’s precisely-balanced volume distribution allows you to stay in one stance position no matter if you are in displacement mode or foiling.


The shorter the board the less swing weight which makes it more agile and and manoeuvrable when foiling. Less surface area means more aerodynamic. The extra nose and tail volume means extra stability when not foiling. The volume in the nose helps recovery when coming off the foil or nose-diving. A shorter board is much more effective for pumping as well.


The concave in the deck helps to position the rider lower and makes the board more stable to ride. It increases the volume in rails making it a more balanced and stable shape. It also helps to keep the board under you while knee starting. In turns it helps you to engage the toe side with your back foot.


The longitudinal arch bar serves as a tactile stance reference for precise and fast foot placement which is crucial when foiling. Additionally, it makes for a better hold while using footstraps. A Tail pad and a front pad serve as a visual marker for your feet making it easier to find your stance. A tail kick pad in case you are riding strapless.


Multiple foot strap options with a Y-strap setup allow you to ride it either with a double strap in the front or in surf stance with a centered front strap.

FLY 5.090L5'0“ x 27“ x 5"
152 x 69 x 13 CM
FLY 5.2110L5'2“ x 28.5“ x 5.6“
158 x 72 x 14 CM
FLY 5.4130L5'4“ x 29“ x 6.2“
164 x 74 x 16 CM


  • you can choose between:

    - Foil Set Freeride 820 with 1500 cm2

    - Foil Set Freeride 920 with 1850 cm2

    - Foil Set Freeride 1020 with 2100 cm2

    - Foil Set Hi Aspect 910 with 1250 cm2

    - Foil Set Hi Aspect 1000 with 1350 cm2

    The Foil Sets are complete and come with:

    • VAYU Front Wing
    • VAYU Rear Wing
    • Short Fuselage 68cm
    • 75cm VAYU Aluminium Mast
    • Top Plate plus the required adapters

    The VAYU 920 Freeride Complete Set offers the best all-round characteristics, the 920mm wide and 1852 cm2 large frontwing is suitable for everything. The versatile possibilities of use for the Foil offer a lot of opportunities.



The Score introduces several new concepts and advanced tuning based on experience that brings it close to perfection.

The Score range has SUBSTANTIAL improvements, with wings that have an even better structure and profile, even under gusts and in extreme conditions.

Enjoy the increased performance of the Score with smaller surfaces, with less effort and more freedom of action, thanks to the stability and efficiency of the new profiles.

Welcome to watersports 4.0.

The new era of fun on water has just begun.

Made possible by new materials, new thinking,

and a new style of riding.

Made possible by ENSIS-Watersports,

a brand engineered in the heart of Switzerland.