2018 ION Ballistic Shoes 2.5 IS

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The BALLISTIC range is our premium line and the crème de la crème of water footwear. If you‘re looking for exceptional warmth and maximum protection then this is the line for you. With support and stretch in all the right places, it‘s further enhanced with well thought out and cleverly designed features. All of the BALLISTIC line have the following standard features to provide supercharged feedback even through layers of Neoprene, plus a little bit more … 

Ballistic Sole: The famous and unique Aramid sol protects against razor sharp reef, mussels and other abrasive objects.

Knit_Tex: a new abrasive resistant fabric on the foot span for tight fit and long lifespan.

Wrap_Up Sole: the usual flat sole evolves and wraps around the foot for a snug fit.

Segmented Sole: Further developement oft he creative and strategic cuttings providing a good mixture between support and flexibility. 

Last Construction:

IS: Internal Split toe- proven since years to eliminate spongy feeling within the toe area.

RT: for those who don’t like that string between your Toes we offer a round toe no-split version

ES: External Split since the beginning used at the Ballistic Socks

Euro  USAUKApprox. Footlength
36 5 4 22,5cm
37 6 5 23,5cm
38-39 7 6 24,5cm
40-41 8 7 25,5cm
42 9 8 26,0cm
43-44 10 9 27,0cm
45-46 11 10 28,0cm
47-48 12 11 29,0cm