North Kiteboarding Orbit 2021 North Kiteboarding Orbit 2021
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2021 CABRINHA Switchblade 2021 CABRINHA Switchblade
à partir de 778,00 € *
2019 Flysurfer Peak 4 2019 Flysurfer Peak 4
à partir de 459,00 € *
NORTH Orbit Kite 2022 NORTH Orbit Kite 2022
à partir de 1 269,00 € *
2021 Reedin Kites SuperModel V2 2021 Reedin Kites SuperModel V2
à partir de 798,00 € *
Duotone Rebel Kite 2021 Duotone Rebel Kite 2021
à partir de 948,00 € *
2020 RRD Religion 25 Years Edition 2020 RRD Religion 25 Years Edition
à partir de 528,00 € *
2020 RRD Passion 25 Years Edition 2020 RRD Passion 25 Years Edition
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NORTH Kiteboarding Pulse Kite 2022 NORTH Kiteboarding Pulse Kite 2022
The explosive pop, powerful fast turns and responsive steering of our high-performance Hybrid-C kite will set your heart pumping. The Pulse comes alive in unhooked Freestyle, and makes landing even the most technical tricks instinctive....
à partir de 1 249,00 € *
Weniger ist mehr und mehr davon geht nicht! Mit dem UFO V2 präsentieren wir den leichtesten Kite, den wir je entwickelt haben. Jedes unnötige Gramm Gewicht wurde eliminiert. Herausgekommen ist der wahre Traum eines jeden Foilkiters, das...
à partir de 889,00 € *
CORE Nexus 3 CORE Nexus 3
CORE NEXUS 3 Polyvalence et performance sans compromis WAVE+ | FREESTYLE | FREERIDE FAITE POUR TOUT ET N'IMPORTE OU A partir de maintenant il n'y a plus besoin de choisir entre la puissance, la maniabilité, le lift ou le drift. La prise...
à partir de 1 269,00 € *
AIRUSH Lithium V13 Kite 2022 AIRUSH Lithium V13 Kite 2022
All-around Freeride performance. Precise steering, balanced & stable. Powerful delta hybrid with a huge wind range. For the rider looking for a kite that provides an endless amount of fun on the water, the Lithium is the ultimate...
à partir de 999,00 € *
REEDIN KITES Super Model Kite V3 2022 REEDIN KITES Super Model Kite V3 2022
SUPER MODEL DOES IT Supermodel feels like an extension of your body. you always feel where the kite is and what it's doing. That means you can have the most fun on the water and just focus on your tricks, the waves, or whatever the ocean...
à partir de 1 179,00 € *
RRD Obsession Y27 Kite 2022 RRD Obsession Y27 Kite 2022
DESCRIPTION Explosive power and big loop these are the two words to describe this kite. This new shape provides consistent stability through the power stroke which leads you to blindly trust the kite. This big air machine is also...
à partir de 1 299,00 € *
RRD Religion Y27 Kite 2022 RRD Religion Y27 Kite 2022
DESCRIPTION The Religion is the definition of a high performance wave strapless kite and continues to meet the needs of the rider with ease. At its Y27 edition the Religion has transformed together with the evolution of riding waves with...
à partir de 1 159,00 € *
RRD Vision Y27 Kite 2022 RRD Vision Y27 Kite 2022
DESCRIPTION The Vision Y27 provides a versatile, easy to use, responsive, and predictable kite that will allow an effortless progression in all disciplines. The overall turning speed and movement throughout the window identify this kite...
à partir de 1 081,00 € *
RRD Passion Y27 Kite 2022 RRD Passion Y27 Kite 2022
DESCRIPTION We built the new Passion to allow you to dominate any spot in the world on any board in your quiver, that’s is the right spirit of a pure free rider. The Passion Y27 marks the 13th version of this notorious high performance,...
à partir de 1 210,00 € *
DUOTONE Mono 2022 DUOTONE Mono 2022
The perfect one strut kite for freeriding and foiling; light, powerful and dynamic, it is sure to excite you every session. KEY FEATURES DUOTONE MONO PROGRESSIVE POWER DEVELOPMENT AT ANY STAGE POWER IS DEVELOPED SMOOTHLY AND PROGRESSIVE....
à partir de 1 009,00 € *
DUOTONE Juice 2022 DUOTONE Juice 2022
As a kitesurfer, you know the feeling, you get to the beach to discover the forecast wasn’t telling the truth, and there is less wind than predicted. The parking lot is full of dejected kiters doing a wind dance. Luckily, you’re packing...
à partir de 1 959,00 € *
NORTH Kiteboarding Reach Kite 2022 NORTH Kiteboarding Reach Kite 2022
Lively and playful, this 3-strut allrounder has unparalleled versatility and wind range. Big jumps. Upwind performance. Effortless relaunch. For 2022 we’ve introduced a new lighter Dacron exo-skeleton in every size and revised the arc...
à partir de 1 129,00 € *
CABRINHA Drifter Kite 2022 CABRINHA Drifter Kite 2022
DRIFTER Surf / Freestyle Surf 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 DESIGN 3 Struts, Hybrid-Design mit moderater Aspect Ratio (Streckung), Surf-/Drift-Wingtip-Design, 2 Bridle-Setting-Optionen PROFIL Der Drifter vereint Style, Power,...
à partir de 1 249,00 € *
CABRINHA FX 2 Kite 2022 CABRINHA FX 2 Kite 2022
FX2 Freestyle / Crossover 7, 8, 9, 11, 13 DESIGN 3 Struts, modifizierter C-Shape, gerundete Wingtips, moderate Aspect Ratio (Streckung), Freestyle-Profil, 3 Bridle-Setting-Optionen, 6-Line-Setup (separat erhältlich) – [NEUES DESIGN]...
à partir de 1 449,00 € *
CABRINHA Moto Kite 2022 CABRINHA Moto Kite 2022
MOTO Versatile Freeride / Crossover 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14 DESIGN 3 Struts, Hybrid-Design mit moderater Aspect Ratio (Streckung), reaktive Wingtips, schnell, schlankes und effizientes Profil PROFIL Ein vielseitiger, einfach...
à partir de 1 359,00 € *
CABRINHA Switchblade Kite 2022 CABRINHA Switchblade Kite 2022
SWITCHBLADE Performance Freeride / Big Air 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 DESIGN 5 Struts, Hybrid-Design, Fusion-Wingtip-Shape, Draft-Forward-Profil PROFIL Die Kombination aus Style, Power, Performance und Handwerkskunst macht den...
à partir de 1 379,00 € *
CABRINHA Contra 1S/3S Kite 2022 CABRINHA Contra 1S/3S Kite 2022
Contra 1S Performance Lightwind / Freeride 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 DESIGN 1 Strut, Hybrid-Design, Low-Drag-Wingtips, Draft-Forward-Profil PROFIL Unsere reaktionsschnelle, leistungsstarke Leichtwind-Waffe, die selbst aus windschwachen Tagen das...
à partir de 1 129,00 € *
OZONE Catalyst V3 Kite OZONE Catalyst V3 Kite
Le Catalyst V3 est le cerf-volant pour tous ceux qui se lancent dans le sport ou les coureurs à la recherche d’un cerf-volant amusant et inspirant la confiance avec la facilité d’utilisation en son cœur. Il est dérivé de la conception...
à partir de 699,00 € *
FOCUS Freeride, Touring, Progression TECHNOLOGY Single-Skin Foil Kite SKILLS Beginner - Expert SIZES 2.5 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 11 / 13 Summary Le concept de mono-peaucombine notre passion pour l'accessibilité et la sécurité qui font que vos...
à partir de 499,00 € *
Breaking Big Air boundaries, the XS has an extreme boost that takes even the most demanding adrenaline addicts to new levels. PERFORMANCE FEATURES Delta hybrid five-strut design for a serious Big Air adrenaline boost Explosive lift and...
à partir de 1 259,00 € *
Our flagship FS kite has a revolutionary Open-C design, fine-tuned for high-performance freestyle action and big air manoeuvres. PERFORMANCE FEATURES Five-strut Open-C design for radical freestyle and big air manoeuvres High aspect ratio...
à partir de 1 199,00 € *
A highly versatile delta-hybrid powerhouse, the RS is designed for limitless freeride performance with distinctive surf and freestyle characteristics. PERFORMANCE FEATURES Three-strut delta-hybrid freeride kite with a precision direct...
à partir de 1 019,00 € *
The WS is the choice of avid wave seekers who perform the most challenging manoeuvres and need a kite that syncs to their rhythm. PERFORMANCE FEATURES Three-strut Open-C Hybrid performance kite for wave, foil and freeriding Stable...
à partir de 1 119,00 € *
Advancing the boundaries of light wind performance, the OS allows you to take off in a slight breeze making it the top choice for all foil riders. PERFORMANCE FEATURES One strut mid-swept hybrid design for foiling and freeriding Highly...
à partir de 919,00 € *
Gentle and durable with nifty features, the PS will boost skill progression and maximize fun on the water for freeriders and kite schools alike. PERFORMANCE FEATURES Swept three-strut hybrid design for rapid progression and fun sessions...
à partir de 829,00 € *
F-ONE Kiteboarding Bandit XV Kite 2022 F-ONE Kiteboarding Bandit XV Kite 2022
BANDIT XV AVAILABLE FALL 2021 MOST WANTED AND STILL RUNNING 15 years after the birth of the first BANDIT, the F-ONE design team has once again put an astounding amount of work to create the best kiting experience for all riders. Jump...
à partir de 1 390,00 € *
F-ONE Kiteboarding Bandit S3 Kite 2022 F-ONE Kiteboarding Bandit S3 Kite 2022
BANDIT S3 AVAILABLE FALL 2021 THE TRUE PARTNER TO THE SURFBOARD RIDER For this third edition of the BANDIT S, the F-ONE design team has managed to deliver the perfect blend of surf and strapless freestyle components. Highly responsive,...
à partir de 1 230,00 € *
L’aile la plus polyvalente au monde avec traitement Strong Light Superior pour obtenir la star ultime des quivers. En freeride, freestyle hooké ou déhooké, en foil ou en wave, l’Evo excelle, quelles que soient les conditions....
à partir de 1 609,00 € *
DUOTONE Evo 2022 DUOTONE Evo 2022
Parfois, tu n’as pas envie que ton kite te dicte ta façon de rider, et nous avons tous envie de sessions faciles nous permettant de progresser rapidement dans notre sport. L’Evo est cette aile. Notre équipe de designers voulaient non...
à partir de 1 229,00 € *
DUOTONE Neo SLS Kite 2022 DUOTONE Neo SLS Kite 2022
Der weltbeste Wave- und Strapless-Freestyle-Kite ist jetzt noch besser mit SLS-Konstruktion – Strong Light Superior – und Penta TX: Gib dich nicht mit weniger zufrieden und hol dir dein Ticket, um so richtig loszulegen. HAUPTMERKMALE...
à partir de 1 449,00 € *
DUOTONE Dice 2022 DUOTONE Dice 2022
La Dice est une aile haute performance naturellement polyvalente. L’objectif était de créer une aile capable de rester compétitive au plus haut niveau dans plusieurs disciplines. Lasse Walker l’utilise comme arme dévastatrice lors des...
à partir de 1 229,00 € *
DUOTONE Rebel SLS 2022 DUOTONE Rebel SLS 2022
La toute nouvelle Rebel SLS 2022 bénéficie du traitement Stronger Lighter Superior pour des performances en big air et en freeride jamais obtenues jusque là. CARACTÉRISTIQUES PRINCIPALES DUOTONE REBEL SLS IMPORTANTE PUISSANCE VERTICALE...
à partir de 1 719,00 € *
DUOTONE Neo Kite 2022 DUOTONE Neo Kite 2022
La Neo est la référence en matière de kite dans les vagues, avec son drift incroyable, son contrôle total et son potentiel à viser les podiums en waveriding et freestyle strapless. CARACTÉRISTIQUES PRINCIPALES DUOTONE NEO EXCELLENTE...
à partir de 1 079,00 € *
NAISH S26 Boxer 2022 NAISH S26 Boxer 2022
Sometimes less is more. Weight matters and the Boxer is the lightest, most responsive kite in our lineup. Made to excel in light wind, waves, and foiling, the Boxer offers easy transitions and relaunch capabilities. Its unique luff strut...
à partir de 929,00 € *
NAISH S26 Pivot 2022 NAISH S26 Pivot 2022
PIVOT High-Performance Freeride/Big Air Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 The Pivot is an incredible all-around kite with great performance no matter the conditions. If you want a kite that does everything anywhere or anytime, the...
à partir de 1 219,00 € *
NAISH S26 Slash 2022 NAISH S26 Slash 2022
SLASH Pure Wave/Strapless Sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 The Slash is Naish’s dedicated wave kite that offers unmatched drift, linear power delivery, and a wide wind range. The Slash provides a predictable, forgiving and stable...
à partir de 1 159,00 € *
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