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Xensr Standard Flat Mount Replacement (Adhesive) (2Pack) Xensr Standard Flat Mount Replacement...
Easy to use, you can attach your Xensr AIR to your board with these high strength waterproof adhesive pads. Made from 3M technology that we think came from the UFO crash as Roswell, these pads are amazingly strong. Once finished, it can...
14,00 € *
Xensr Leash Mount Kit (5Pack) Xensr Leash Mount Kit (5Pack)
Lets face it - you crash. A lot. How about a little extra insurance to keep your Air attached. Yeah, thats a great idea. Kit contains 5 leash mounts and cords.
22,00 € *
Xensr USB Dock Kit Xensr USB Dock Kit
Xensr USB Dock Kit
44,00 € *
Xensr Flat Mount Kit Xensr Flat Mount Kit
Standard Flat Mount Kit (2 Pack)
28,00 € *
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