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FLYSURFER Radical 7 Board inkl. Pads/Straps 2022 FLYSURFER Radical 7 Board inkl. Pads/Straps 2022
Das RADICAL ist die Grundlage, um deinen Stil zu verbessern und Vertrauen in allen Bedingungen aufzubauen. Es zeichnet sich durch Geschwindigkeit, Kontrolle und Gleitfähigkeit aus. Steige auf ein vielseitiges und komfortables...
799,00 € *
Travel“ Das TRIP ist funktional, vielseitig und langlebig. Die innovative PU-Splitboard-Konstruktion der nächsten Generation für ultimative Crossover-Leistung. Die progressiv verlaufende Konkave und asymmetrische Outline unterstützen ein...
à partir de 1 069,00 € *
Front Pad ca. 46x36cm Tail Pad ca. 42,5x34cm
30,00 € *
FLYSURFER Connect 2 Control Bar FLYSURFER Connect 2 Control Bar
FOCUS Freeride, Touring, Progression TECHNOLOGY 4th or 5th line Control Bar, FLS or B-Safe System SKILLS Beginner - Expert SIZES [M] 50 cm TERRAIN Water / Land / Snow 3 HIGHLIGHTS B-SAFE SYSTEM READY 4-LINE CONTROL BAR LIGHTWEIGHT...
399,00 € *
FOCUS Freeride, Touring, Progression TECHNOLOGY Single-Skin Foil Kite SKILLS Beginner - Expert SIZES 2.5 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 11 / 13 Summary Le concept de mono-peaucombine notre passion pour l'accessibilité et la sécurité qui font que vos...
à partir de 499,00 € *
2021 Flysurfer Mojo 2021 Flysurfer Mojo
MOJO High-Performance Freeride The MOJO turns your free time into pure enjoyment! The highly efficient surf wing has one mission: to maximize your water time! It reacts to your movements in a powerful, balanced and energy-saving manner....
à partir de 699,00 € *
2021 Flysurfer Soul 2 2021 Flysurfer Soul 2
SOUL Freeride, Big-Air, Travel Break boundaries with the ultimate all-rounder! The legendary flight characteristics paired with the highest level of user-friendliness offer maximum performance for every style. Sporty or comfortable, a...
à partir de 1 499,00 € *
2021 Flysurfer Infinity XX Bar 2021 Flysurfer Infinity XX Bar
INFINITY XX CONTROL BAR Freeride, Airstyle The classic FLYSURFER Control Bar System with automatic untwisting function has proven its ground for many years. The slim INFINITY XX transmits your movements with high precision! It...
479,00 € *
2021 MYSTIC The ONE Neo Hoodie 2021 MYSTIC The ONE Neo Hoodie
THE ONE - SWEAT Features Wind and water resistant Adjustable Hood with water drain Elastic waist strap Velcro wrist straps Zipper Flap Two waist pockets Water outlets in the pockets Materials M-Flex (70%) For Sizechart click here
118,00 € *
VMG Hydrofoil, Race The VMG: revolutionary, highly efficient, extremely fast. The FLYSURFER technology showcase is a masterpiece of German engineering specially developed for the Olympic hydrofoil kite racing sports. Tested in...
à partir de 2 599,00 € *
2020 FLYSURFER Race Control Bar 2020 FLYSURFER Race Control Bar
RACE CONTROL BAR Hydrofoil, Race The RACE Control Bar: smooth, functional, compact. It is a perfect balance between ergonomics and rigidity thanks to the highest quality materials and components. The fastest and most precise trimming...
479,00 € *
VIRON3 Progression The VIRON3: safe, intuitive and comfortable. A playful introduction to kitesports! Harness your enthusiasm from the first minute. Maximise your learning curve with this unique depower foil kite concept allowing you to...
à partir de 699,00 € *
Flysurfer Sonic 3 Flysurfer Sonic 3
SONIC High-Performance Freeride, Airstyle, Lightwind The SONIC sets new standards for high performance foil kites and brings the thrill back to flying. The balance of aggressive performance and precise control is the dream of every...
à partir de 1 999,01 € *
2020 Flysurfer Flydoor 6 2020 Flysurfer Flydoor 6
‘Ready to Ride’ package consists of: 1x FLYDOOR6 Kiteboard 1x SQUAD Pad-Strap-Set (incl. screws & washers) 4x Fins G10 50 mm (incl. screws & washers) 1x SQUAD Grab Handle (incl. screws) 1x Accessory Bag 1x FLYDOOR6 Manual ‘Board-only’...
à partir de 679,00 € *
2020 Flysurfer Rush 2020 Flysurfer Rush
RUSH Freestyle, Big Air The RUSH is responsive, precise and robust – our stiff freestyle board. Terrific edge control and grip enables a smooth, powerful riding style allowing you to focus on your next takeoff. Achieve your maximum jump...
779,00 € *
Flysurfer Force Bar Flysurfer Force Bar
FORCE CONTROL BAR Freestyle, Progression The FORCE Control Bar: safe, durable and functional. The ergonomically shaped bar is full of technical features but still sits perfectly in the hand and is very comfortable. Designed to offer the...
549,00 € *
Flysurfer Stoke Flysurfer Stoke
STOKE Wave, Freestyle The STOKE is explosive, versatile and dynamic. This all rounder offers sporty performance, reacting fast to rider inputs. The kite has an awesome bar feeling and is suited to enthusiasts shredding waves or stomping...
à partir de 1 049,00 € *
2019 Flysurfer Peak 4 2019 Flysurfer Peak 4
PEAK4 Freeride, Touring, Progression The PEAK4: agile, ultralight, powerful. Our single-skin foilkite concept combines our passion for usability and security that will make your outdoor kite experience unforgettable. Progressive depower,...
à partir de 459,00 € *
2019 Flysurfer Connect Bar 2019 Flysurfer Connect Bar
CONNECT CONTROL BAR Freeride, Touring, Progression Die CONNECT Control Bar ist übersichtlich, leicht und sicher. Konfiguriert für den Einsatz unseres B-Safe Sicherheitssystem mit hoch aufgesplitteten Y und 7 + 14 m Flugleinen. Der...
349,00 € *
Flysurfer Boost 3 Flysurfer Boost 3
BOOST3 Freeride, Big Air, Lightwind The BOOST3 offers the perfect balance between design and function to underline your riding style. It is reliable and robust whilst offering accessible performance with maximum control and agility. The...
à partir de 1 149,00 € *
Flysurfer Radical 6 Flysurfer Radical 6
RADICAL6 Freeride, Big Air, Lightwind The RADICAL6 is comfortable, fast and responsive – the ultimate all-round kiteboard line. Experience a new riding experience sensation with balanced flex and revised rocker curve. Maximum control,...
à partir de 599,00 € *
Flysurfer Soul Kite 21m DEMO Flysurfer Soul Kite 21m DEMO
SOUL 21m Demo nur minimal benutzt, ohne Mängel, Garantie wie Neuware Freeride, Freestyle, Lightwind Der SOUL vereint pures Vergnügen mit FLYSURFER-Hightech für extreme Sprunghöhen und überzeugend auf jedem Terrain. Das Fluggefühl präzise...
1 798,00 € *
Flysurfer Soul Kite Only Flysurfer Soul Kite Only
SOUL Freeride, Freestyle, Lightwind Der SOUL vereint pures Vergnügen mit FLYSURFER-Hightech für extreme Sprunghöhen und überzeugend auf jedem Terrain. Das Fluggefühl präzise und souverän, der Einsatzbereich fast grenzenlos, die Vision...
à partir de 1 449,00 € *
Flysurfer Sonic Race Flysurfer Sonic Race
SONIC RACE Race, Hydrofoil The SONIC RACE shows FLYSURFER’s full commitment to kite racing. We are continually improving performance with each new model – striving for the highest speeds and the best angles on the course. The kite is...
à partir de 2 399,00 € *
Kiteboard Roll Leash "the EEL" by Oceanus Technologies Kiteboard Roll Leash "the EEL" by Oceanus...
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