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2020 Slingshot Dually 2020 Slingshot Dually
For 2020, we stripped our existing Dually platform down to the bones and rebuilt it from the toes up. The result is a reimagined and reengineered binding that provides better grip, leverage and board control, more reactive handling and...
169,00 € *
RRD Kite Surf Foot Straps 2pcs RRD Kite Surf Foot Straps 2pcs
Surf Straps for Surf Boards... 2pcs
43,00 € *
2020 Duotone Traction Pad Pro Front 5mm 2020 Duotone Traction Pad Pro Front 5mm
Traction Pad for Surfboards
79,90 € *
2020 Duotone Traction Pad Team Front 3mm 2020 Duotone Traction Pad Team Front 3mm
Traction Pad for Surfboards
79,90 € *
2020 North Kiteboarding Fix 2020 North Kiteboarding Fix
WAKE BOOTS Our extremely lightweight Fix Wake Boots combine simplicity and comfort with premium technical quality. Kiteboarding-specific low-cut design with velcro tensioning allows easy one-handed entry and exit, while the hollow base...
339,00 € *
2020 North Kiteboarding Flex 2020 North Kiteboarding Flex
TWINTIP BINDINGS Engineered and refined for connection, comfort and performance, our Flex Bindings give you a locked-in feel and solid support. Extremely soft KnitFlex straps are fully adjustable, conforming to your whole foot with no...
159,00 € *
2020 Duotone Boot 2020 Duotone Boot
Si tu portes des boots, tu sais quel est ton style. Et c’est précisément pour ce style que les boots Duotone 2020 a été complètement redessinée. Nous avons su tirer profit de la construction de notre nouvelle base, afin d’obtenir une...
449,00 € *
2020 Duotone Entity Ergo 2020 Duotone Entity Ergo
Le squelette d’un pied est constitué de 28 os. Les os du pied peuvent être répartis en trois catégories : tarses, métatarses et phalanges. 20 muscles et plus de 114 tendons et autres ligaments assurent la flexibilité et la stabilité...
219,00 € *
2019 Cabrinha AV8 Ultra Light Strap Kit 2019 Cabrinha AV8 Ultra Light Strap Kit
AV8 FOOTSTRAPS SURF / FOIL BOARDING Sizes: One Size Designed for the rider looking for a great, user friendly strap for foiling or wave riding, the AV8 Ultralight strap is a minimal coverage strap that provides maximum board connection....
125,00 € *
2019 Slingshot Half Straps 2.0 2019 Slingshot Half Straps 2.0
Slingshot Half Straps are exactly what the name suggests- they're half of a foot strap designed to provide leverage and a locked-in feel with the confidence of knowing you can kick free of your board when you crash. No more twisted...
69,00 € *
2019 MYSTIC Marshall Footpads/Straps 2019 MYSTIC Marshall Footpads/Straps
FEATURES - Reinforced base plate - Dual molded direct impact footbed - Cast aluminum washers - Toe compression strap - Adjustable strap position - Directional grooves - In collaboration with AK SIZES O/S
189,00 € *
2019 MYSTIC Vice Boot 2019 MYSTIC Vice Boot
FEATURES - Direct drive base plate - Dual density foot bed - Kite specific reinforcing - Memory foam inside - Articulated upper part - Heel puller - Lip puller - In collaboration with AK SIZES 10 11 12-13 6-7 8 9
449,00 € *
2019 ODO Kiteboarding Front Pad 2019 ODO Kiteboarding Front Pad
Odo Kiteboarding Front Pad Set,made of high quality polymers and glued with top adhesive film, will be your best ally when is time to ride and snap a wave. The Front Pad Set is made of 4 different parts that can be placed close each...
45,00 € *
2019 F-ONE Kiteboarding Surf Straps (Pair) 2019 F-ONE Kiteboarding Surf Straps (Pair)
The shape and material for the new surf strap have been carefully selected to bring you maximum comfort and support while riding.
36,00 € *
Moses Footstraps Moses Footstraps
Pack contents - 3x Moses footstraps - 6x Self-tapping Screw M5x25mm - 6x Washer Ø6,4xØ12x1,6
65,00 € *
2019/2020 Brunotti Uni High Performance Pads/Straps 2019/2020 Brunotti Uni High Performance...
Eva High Comfort Patch Light Weight & Comfortable Angle E Adjuster Angle E Adjuster Adjustable Strap
88,00 € *
2018 Cabrinha Surf Straps Ultra Light Foil incl. Screws (3p) 2018 Cabrinha Surf Straps Ultra Light Foil...
Straps for Foil! 3 Pieces Ultra Light Straps Straps für das Double Agent Foil inkl. Schrauben
75,00 € *
2019 Duotone Surf Straps 2019 Duotone Surf Straps
with Screws and Washern (delivered as a pair)
49,00 € *
2019 Duotone Traction Pads 2019 Duotone Traction Pads
TRACTION PAD PRO FRONT AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2018 Art.-No. 44900-8032 Un maximum de contrôle et d'accroche sans aucun des inconvénients de la wax. TRACTION PAD TEAM FRONT AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2018 Art.-No. 44900-8038 Un maximum de contrôle...
69,00 € *
2019 Cabrinha Front Surf Pad 2019 Cabrinha Front Surf Pad
Front Surf Pad
59,00 € *
2019 Cabrinha Surf Strap 2019 Cabrinha Surf Strap
ULTRALIGHT STRAPS SURF / FOIL BOARDING Sizes: One Size The Ultralight strap is a minimal coverage strap that provides maximum board connection. The comfortable and lightweight footstrap is perfect for surfing, foiling and racing, keeping...
à partir de 66,00 € *
2019 Cabrinha H1 Pads/Straps 2019 Cabrinha H1 Pads/Straps
H1 ALL PURPOSE FOOTSTRAP Sizes: SMALL: The H1 is a one strap, asymmetrical body shape which provides a positive fit for the rider looking for a lightweight and positive connection. It is supportive, yet lightweight and exible, and can be...
82,00 € *
2019 Cabrinha H3 Boots 2019 Cabrinha H3 Boots
H3 WAKESTYLE / CABLE Sizes: Small The H3 is a fully adjustable boot designed for the unique forces of kiteboarding. Unlike a traditional wakeboard boot, a kiteboard boot spends long periods of time on it’s heel side edge. This puts your...
336,00 € *
2019 Cabrinha H2O Pads/Straps 2019 Cabrinha H2O Pads/Straps
H2O MULTI ADJUSTMENT PREMIUM BINDING Sizes: STANDARD (One-Size-fits-all) The All-New H2O is specifically designed for the discerning rider who values a fully customizable fit and uncompromising performance. For those that want style,...
157,00 € *
Core Surf Straps Core Surf Straps
Evidemment, il y aura des jours où vous préférerez y aller en straps. Pour ces jours, nous avons conçu les nouvelles straps CORE. Des straps super confortables et entièrement ajustables, livrées avec des vis en inox et des rondelles...
69,00 € *
Core Traction Pads Core Traction Pads
Front Traction Pad Passez plus de temps sur l'eau grâce à la solution sans cire de CORE. Les stries fraisées en losange des coussinets en EVA adhèrent à vos pieds quoi qu'il arrive. Au lieu de mouler comme à l'habitude les coussinets, ce...
39,00 € *
2019 Slingshot Dually 2019 Slingshot Dually
TWICE THE NICE The Dually provides the most comfort and performance in the footstrap category. By providing two zones of adjustment, the rider is able to persoanlize every aspect of the Dually to their liking. Think of the Dually as a...
159,00 € *
2019 / 2020 Duotone Vario 2019 / 2020 Duotone Vario
VARIO COMBO Comfortable and durable, the ergonomically shaped pads deliver a satisfying ride and a cushy feel at a great price point. DETAILS DUOTONE VARIO 2019 Als wesentlicher Bestandteil der Duotone-Kollektion sind die Vario Combo...
99,00 € *
2019 Duotone NTT Entity 2019 Duotone NTT Entity
ENTITY COMBO An ergonomically shaped and highly versatile footpad, guaranteeing maximum hold and comfort. DETAILS DUOTONE ENTITY 2019 Partant du principe que chaque pied est différent, le Duotone Entity est un footpad à la forme...
178,00 € *
2019 Duotone Boot 2019 Duotone Boot
DUOTONE BOOT AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2018 The Duotone Boot is the benchmark in kiteboarding boots. Comfortable fit with maximum hold. DETAILS DUOTONE BOOT 2019 Les boots Duotone ne cessent de s'améliorer ! Conçues avec l'aide du rider Craig...
349,00 € *
2020 Naish Apex 2020 Naish Apex
APEX BINDINGS Designed for superior comfort, the Apex is the market’s leading ergonomic binding for all styles of twin tip riding in a stealthy new colorway. It features a full array of adjustment settings to easily adapt to feet of any...
à partir de 195,00 € *
Core Union Pro 2 Pads / Straps Core Union Pro 2 Pads / Straps
UNION PRO 2 TAILLES: SMALL/LARGE Passez au niveau supérieur avec notre nouveau jeu de coussinets Union Pro 2 et son 3D Stance. En plus de ses trois positionnements longitudinaux et onze orientations de pied différentes, le nouveau...
179,00 € *
Concept X Wave Blade Quad Fin Set Concept X Wave Blade Quad Fin Set
High performance Fins for light to heavy rider. Front fins provides maximum grip through the large base and allow radical turns through the flat sided shape with the narrow tips. Rear fins offer a loose feeling. This combination offers a...
69,00 € *
Concept X Pro Deluxe Set Concept X Pro Deluxe Set
The brand new developed Pro DLX Pad / Strap Set is a "Must-have" !! The adjustment of the straps is huge because of the ability to adjust on both sides! Strap/Pad combination of Professional strap and Full Sense Pad. The AUTO-LOCK System...
99,00 € *
Concept X Fusion Pro Set Concept X Fusion Pro Set
The new Concept X high performance combo, consisting of fusion pad and Professional Strap is state of the art. The asymmetrical strap is variable adjustable with Velcro on both sides and offers a wide adjustment range (approx. 37-46 shoe...
99,00 € *
Concept X Full Sense Pads Concept X Full Sense Pads
The newly developed Concept X 3D pad offers a high comfort by the shock absorbing upholstery as well as the best hold by a special structure. The Diamond-wedge EVA material which is used and structured especially and the distinctive...
49,00 € *
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